Has your child experienced severe episodes of vomiting after eating infant cereal and/or first foods; or drinking formula? Do you question whether or not a specific food or foods may be contributing to your infant’s worsening symptoms of periodic vomiting, chronic diarrhea, reflux and/or failure to thrive? These symptoms may indicate a need to speak with your child’s doctor about an FPIES evaluation.

Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (F-PIES) is a type of food allergy affecting the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Classic symptoms of FPIES include profuse vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. These symptoms can lead to severe lethargy, change in body temperature and blood pressure. Unlike typical food allergies, symptoms may not be immediate and do not show up on standard allergy tests. Furthermore, a negative allergy evaluation may delay the diagnosis and take the focus off the causative food. Nonetheless, FPIES can present with severe symptoms following ingestion of a food trigger. Learn More….

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10660338_10152684528501287_210948040701665333_nOctober 14, 2014:  Today, on Global FPIES Day, at The FPIES Foundation, we are proud announce the official proclamation for the day, read more hereThe Proclamation for Global FPIES Day.


October 11, 2014:  The FPIES Foundation participates in FASGMN Food Allergy Resource Fair for the 4th year. Joy Meyer, Co-Director of The FPIES Foundation is on hand to raise awareness to FPIES, and provide CheeCha Puff Samples donated by our partners at CheeCha puffs.


October 5, 2014: The FPIES Foundation is honored to be among the exhibitors to have a booth at the FARE Walk in Boston.  Amanda LeFew, Co-Director of The FPIES Foundation, greets families and raises awareness to Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, a different type of Food Allergy.  Medical Advisory Board Members Dr. Lee, Dr.Yuan, and Dr.Shreffler are in attendance and meet up with a large group of FPIES Families!

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Oct. 2, 2014: The FPIES Foundation introduces a new webpage for Global FPIES Day on Oct 14th. We are proud to launch a webpage dedicated to everything you need to know. This is a historic first for FPIES families and this webpage has easy ways you can be part of it: http://fpiesday.com/

Sept. 13, 2014:  The FPIES Foundation is once again honored to provide families with FPIES information on at Boston Zoo on a day for families living with Food Allergies sponsored by Boston Children’s Hospital FACET program. Boston Zoo Day 2014 Amanda at Booth Victoria Pic



Sept. 9, 2014:FPIES Foundation Panel Member, Victoria Warren, is Emceeing This Year’s FARE Walk in Boston!  Victoria is a television news reporter with WHDH-TV and the mother to 2 boys, one who lives with FPIES. Victoria assists the Foundation on the Parent Advisory Panel in addition to the Media & Marketing Committee. We are thrilled to stand together with the entire food allergy community in our ongoing efforts to research, treat and cure food allergies.

Sept. 1, 2014: Limited Time T-shirt Sale for Global FPIES DayFPIES mom and Foundation Volunteer, Jessie Ipson Richens, has designed a shirt for Global FPIES Day. “This is such an important day to raise awareness of FPIES. By purchasing a shirt, you are not only helping to raise money used by The FPIES Foundation for research, helping raise awareness about this rare disease, but you are also showing support to FPIES families that desperately need it.”  Read more at: http://fpiesfoundation.org/taking-big-steps-fpies-events-near-you/ | The FPIES Foundation

August 27, 2014: FPIES is a rare diagnosis that is often not fully understood, which can make it challenging for parents and medical providers.  The FPIES Foundation partnered with ThriveRx to present “Advocating for your child the Healthcare system”.  The purpose of the webinar is to help families navigate the healthcare system by providing advocacy actions, tools, and resources to assist them and their providers as they care for their children living with FPIES. Read more at: http://fpiesfoundation.org/advocacy/ | The FPIES Foundation

August 25, 2014 – The FPIES Foundation is excited to celebrate its third anniversary of empowering, educating and helping families navigate Food Protein- Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES).  The Foundation is planning a week-long celebration leading up to August 31, 2014.  This past year was packed with numerous accomplishments, big and small.  The FPIES Foundation achieved its goal of launching a first-of-its kind FPIES Patient Global Registry.   The registry is a ground-breaking opportunity to directly bring families affected by FPIES together with doctors and researchers interested in learning more about this rare allergy.

Now, just in time for our anniversary, we are excited to announce that October 14th has been successfully established as Global FPIES Day.  Global FPIES Day honors families by giving the opportunity to bring specific awareness to what FPIES is to the general public.  “There are days to recognize other food allergies and rare diseases but FPIES is unique and the children are extraordinary.  They deserve this day just for them,” says Joy Meyer, Executive Director of the FPIES Foundation.  Meyer says, “October 14th was chosen specifically because the first research paper to mention the features of FPIES was published in October.”  Read more in our Anniversary Press Release 2014

August 20, 2014:  The FPIES Foundation has established October 14th as Global FPIES Day. Follow our website and social media to learn how you can help observe this first Global FPIES Day!

August 6, 2014:  ThriveRx and The FPIES Foundation invite you to join us for a joint webinar:

Advocating for Your Child in the Healthcare System.

Date: Wednesday,August 27th  ThriveRx jpeg

Time: 12-1 pm EDT

Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) is a rare diagnosis that is often not fully understood, which can make it challenging for parents and medical providers.  The purpose of this webinar is to help families navigate the healthcare system by providing advocacy actions, tools, and resources to assist them, and their providers, as they care for their children living with FPIES.  Click here to register.

After you register, you will receive a link to join the webinar.  If you cannot join us for the live session, register and a link to the recorded webinar will be sent to you.

May 16, 2014: In honor of Food Allergy Awareness Week, we are releasing the latest survey that is part of our ongoing partnership with the NIH-funded Connect program through Patient Crossroads; once again confirming The FPIES Foundation’s commitment to furthering research for this little understood diagnosis. Let’s Connect all of our voices through the FPIES Global Registry today!

May 5, 2014: ‘Be the Voice’ for FPIES during Food Allergy Awareness Week 2014! May is national Asthma and Allergy Awareness month and May 11-17 is dedicated to food allergy awareness. The FPIES Foundation invites you to use this week to help us raise awareness for Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, or FPIES. Read more at: http://fpiesfoundation.org/food-allergy-awareness-week-2014-2/ | The FPIES Foundation

May 2, 2014: The month of May is devoted to Asthma and Allergy Awareness. This week, the UK has been bringing awareness to allergies during their National Allergy Awareness Week and our friends at FPIES UK released this beautifully strong video for FPIES Awareness!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3eBopTF4KE

April 1, 2014: The FPIES Foundation is proud to be part of a community that is FPIES Brave. Wear your FPIES Brave when you purchase a piece of Bravelet jewelry from our Foundation’s page. With every Bravelets purchase from our page, $10 will be donated to The FPIES Foundation, to advance our cause for education, advocacy,  outreach and research. Show your FPIES Brave colors today!

March 25, 2014:  The FPIES Foundation is thrilled to partner with Flower Power Fundraising, an employee-owned company that began as a joint initiative between Gardner’s Supply and Dutch Gardens. By purchasing spring bulbs to beautify your spring gardens, you are supporting the education, outreach and research initiatives of the Foundation. 50% of all sales will be donated to our cause! This season’s fundraiser ends April 25th, 2014!!  Read more at: http://fpiesfoundation.org/ongoing-fundraisers/ | The FPIES Foundation


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