Final jpeg from pdf shock posterIdentifying signs of shock and dehydration can be one of the biggest concerns for a parent of a child diagnosed with FPIES. Learn the signs, understand the symptoms, and use this poster to help educate and prepare yourself and all those caring for your child. PDFhave you heard card in spanish two sidesA global need for FPIES awareness is clear. These community awareness cards, translated into Spanish, expand the reach of FPIES education.

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Life with FPIES (PDF)

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This year, we not only celebrate one week of Food Allergy Awareness, but together with FARE and our other partner organizations, we celebrate the entire month of May as Food Allergy Action Month.


Throughout the month, there are opportunities to share your family’s story. New resources will be offered, aimed at increasing quality of life and quality of allergy management for your little ones. There will be chances to connect with other families, caring practitioners and partner organizations to share essential knowledge and tools. Every day this month– and this year!– is an opportunity for awareness, for education and for empowerment!

Learn “31 Ways for 31 Days” of Awareness

Awareness tools are free and readily available, from The FPIES Foundation. This year, thanks to the translations of our esteemed MAB member, Dr. Sergio Negre Policarpo, many awareness materials are available now in Spanish language versions. For all available downloads, visit our awareness flyer bulletin board today!
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spanish rack card both sidesFPIES Foundation Rack Card, Español

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know your plan FPIES Mgt. Plan (PDF)

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