SHaring Awareness: Be the Voice!

Every May, we join with other partners in the food allergy community to raise awareness on a local and global scale. At The FPIES Foundation, we focus our attention on raising FPIES awareness in order to foster greater support and resources for our affected families. Together, we are the voice!

Awareness is ACTION!

~How can I get involved? ~

  • Print and share awareness materials with schools, clinics and community centers
  • Volunteer to read a book focused on food allergy awareness to children in a classroom, daycare or library group. View our list here!
  • Speak with medical students or hospital staff about FPIES from a parent perspective. Bring awareness materials!
  • Join (for free!) the FPIES Global Patient Registry and/or complete a new survey. Your contribution to the registry helps to enhance an understanding of FPIES for researchers and other medical professionals viewing the data!
  • Share our social media posts during Food Allergy Awareness Week
  • Share one of our FPIES awareness videos on social media
  • Share your family’s story on our Inspiring Families page
  • Share your family’s FPIES experiences with our partner, The Mighty
  • Create or purchase awareness gear to wear during food allergy awareness week.
  • Pledge to hand out 10 awareness cards this week within your local community
  • Write a letter to your congressperson about your family’s experiences with FPIES and express why he/she should support legislation that affects access to elemental formulas and children’s healthcare programs.
  • Donate or host a fundraiser to support the programs and initiatives of The FPIES Foundation

Start the Conversation

~ Resources to Get Everyone Talking ~

FAAW 2015: FPIES in a Word

See the faces and read the words that express what life with FPIES means for those affected by this complex condition.

FAAW 2014: Be The Voice!

An empowering collection of images, this video encourages action and outreach with a simple message.

FAAW 2013: Awareness is Action

Raising awareness is taking action– a needed action to help bring about better medical and community support for families affected by FPIES.

One, Two, Three-- Awareness to Go!

~ Quick Links to the FREE Resources You Need ~

FPIES Awareness Cards

Available in English and in Spanish, these cards are a great conversation starter for raising awareness in the community.

FPIES Superhero Card

Developed by moms, created for kids and families! Our kiddos are superheroes-- so strong for living with this complex condition. This resource can help them (and their families) to better explain FPIES in a variety of social settings.

FPIES Shock and Dehydration

This poster series explains how to identify the stages of dehydration, compensated shock and decompensated shock that can occur during an acute FPIES reaction.

Looking for more resources?

A great tool for sharing the realities of daily life with FPIES, this video can help to promote awareness in a powerful, yet concrete way.

Thank you for taking the first step and trying to learn more about what life is like for our little one with FPIES and for us as a family. We do understand that sometimes you might not know what to say or do, and that you often wish you knew what you could do to help.

Help doesn’t have to be grandiose, complex, or expensive. The effort behind it can mean more to us than you may ever imagine. . .

Page published: May 12, 2018. Copyright © 2018, The FPIES Foundation