This year as we celebrate Global FPIES Day, a time for our global community of families, practitioners, researchers and patient advocates to come together in the name of taking big steps for FPIES awareness, we are reminded that we are a community of allies. Every individual in our community-- from the youngest child to the most experienced medical provider-- embodies what it means to be an ally. Join us as we continue to support one another, this year and every year.

Meet Our Global FPIES Day 2020 Presenters!

We are excited to share these unique educational opportunities with our FPIES community and all those interested in learning more about FPIES.

Meet Our Partners for Global FPIES Day 2020!

We are proud to partner with these impactful organizations in the Rare Disease and Food Allergy communities as they help to spread FPIES awareness.

Join us in sharing print resources, educational videos, and inspirational family stories to promote FPIES awareness in your local communities and beyond!

Write to us at to request resources or information on how you can spread awareness this October 14th!

Five Myths About FPIES

Join Heather Martin, FPIES mom and Registered Dietitian, as she explores five common myths related to Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES). For full credits, please visit our youtube channel

Step Up the Conversation

FPIES is a rare condition and raising awareness is essential!

Awareness helps to inspire medical practitioners to educate themselves about FPIES care management, to encourage researchers to examine mechanisms and potential causes, and to motivate communities to get creative in how they accommodate individuals with food allergies in schools, recreation centers, and community events.

Spark the conversation on social media with these tips and resources!

Research and FPIES

Dr. Jeanelle Boyer, a professor at Keene State College, continues to research the microbiome in the gut of infants affected by FPIES. Watch her latest update and learn more about her continued research today! For more information, please visit our youtube channel

Awareness can be part of our daily lives!

Pack FPIES awareness business cards in your diaper bag for a moms’ group, or drop off some FPIES rack cards to the EMTs at the fire department when you take your child to meet the firefighters. Kids can follow the path to advocacy, too! For older children, you can teach them how to advocate for themselves in school, on sports teams, and beyond.

Walk the Walk

Always be at the ready to share information about FPIES– the more informed our communities are, the more protected and included our children can be in day-to-day activities!

Go the Distance

Where do we start?

Awareness on a local platform is powerful; awareness on a national and global scale can be life-changing for the entire FPIES community.