Educate and Raise Awareness for FPIES!

Wear your awareness!!

Visit The FPIES Foundation Cafe Press store and wear FPIES Awareness Gear!

Share your awareness!!

Download and print these awareness cards and flyers and distribute them in your community, or share in your online/social media communities today:

FPIES Awareness Rack Card
FPIES Community Awareness Card
Community Awareness Business Card
FPIES Awareness Rack Card, En Español
FPIES Community Awareness Card, En Español
FPIES Education Packet, En Español
FPIES Fast Facts Flyer
The FPIES Foundation Rack Card, en Français
FPIES Fast Facts Flyer, en Français
FPIES Superhero Awareness Card
Acute FPIES Reactions: Shock & Dehydration
Acute FPIES Poster: Dehydration
Acute FPIES Poster: Compensated Shock
Acute FPIES Poster: Decompensated Shock
About FPIES Awareness Poster
FPIES At A Glance, Social Media Share
FPIES Management Plan Worksheet
FPIES Awareness Events Banner
global day 2015 families button
FPIES Education Packet for Families
global day 2015 health professionals button
FPIES Practitioners Packet
FPIES Awareness is Action Poster

Your most powerful contribution to The FPIES Foundation is your family’s voice.

Awareness is ACTION!

Share “How to Help an FPIES Family Today” on Social Media to spark FPIES awareness

Share “FPIES: In a Word” on Social Media to bring awareness to the experiences of families affected by FPIES

Encourage your community to “Be the Voice” by sharing this FPIES awareness video on social media today!

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