Ways to Cope: By Kids, For Kids

What is Stress?

Stress is a response your body has to a trigger.

The trigger can be outside of your body– like a surprise test at school. A trigger can also be inside your body, like the changes you feel when you have an FPIES reaction.

Sometimes, stress can be positive, like the excitement you feel when you are going to visit a friend. Here, we are going to talk about stress caused by living with FPIES, a negative form of stress.

How Does Stress Affect My Body and Mind?

When your body is stressed, you may feel tired more easily. Your body might feel achy or sore. Your heart may feel like it is racing and you may feel sick to your stomach.

When your mind is stressed, you might not be able to think clearly. Your thoughts might feel “foggy” and it can be tricky to concentrate on things like school. It may even be tricky to focus on talking with a friend!

How Can FPIES Cause Me Stress?

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When you experience an FPIES reaction, your body does not feel well. You likely feel sick, you may feel nervous or scared, and you may feel very tired. All of these feelings (and any other feelings that you might have during a reaction) can be stressful!

Check out the fun resources you can use from "Coping Skills for Kids!"
Tune out the stress and tune in the calm with kid-friendly guided imagery!
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What Can I Do About Stress?

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Get Mellow!

With or without music, some kids like to use meditation or thinking of special ideas or pictures to help relax

Young pregnant woman with little daughter doing yoga exercises

Get Active!

Playing sports, exercising or practicing yoga can help to release stress. Favorite hobbies and activities can help to distract from stress and help a kid relax.

Two smiling girls drawing Earth with chalks on street

Get Creative!

Writing, drawing, playing music, and other creative activities can help kids to cope with stress

What Has Worked for Other Kids?


“Listening to music and using my calm kit to relax”

— Bridget, Age 4, MA


“Snuggling with mommy. . . building a pillow and blanket nest”

— Sam, MN

Happy children standing upside down on green grass. Smiling kids having fun in spring park. Healthy lifestyle concept

“Creating a “cave” with pillows and blankets. . . listening to soothing music and feeling warmth on my belly”

Learn More About Relaxation and Coping Skills

"I Want to Share My Coping Skills!"

Have you discovered one or more great ways to help you relax? Have you found activities that ease the stress of doctor’s visits or reactions? We want to hear what you think!

Please write to us about the activity and how another kid might use it to help him or her to relax. Please include your name if you feel would like, and feel free to include a picture if you have one. Don't forget to have your parents or guardians give their permission for you to share!

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