The FPIES Foundation Leadership and Advisory consist of collaboration between The Executive Board, Volunteer Board and Medical Advisory Board.  The FPIES Foundation provides a lasting and secure foundation for the FPIES community, for families and medical professionals alike. In all of our activities, The FPIES Foundation will continuously strive to explore treatment options customized to enable growth and healing for today’s children as well as those of the future. Together with families and medical professionals, we will make changes today to create a lasting foundation for tomorrow.

Foundation Medical Advisory Board: 

Educational information provided by The FPIES Foundation is fact checked for accuracy by our medical advisory board, consisting of multidisciplinary leaders in FPIES research, treatment, and support.

Sakina S. Bajowala, MD is Board-Certified in Allergy and Immunology.   Kaneland Allergy and Asthma Center is Dr.Bajowala’s pracitice in North Aurora, Illinois.

Alexia Beauregard, MS, RD, CSP, LD is a food allergy specialist dietitian and is a faculty member of the Ellyn Satter Institute which allows her to focus on eating disturbances that many people experience as a result of food allergy or food intolerance. Alexia is a member of the International Network of Diet and Nutrition in Allergy (INDANA).

Maria-Paulo Carrillo MS, RDN, LDN is a Pediatric Allergy Dietitian/ Life Cycle Nutrition in Dallas, Texas. Maria-Paulo provides services at Head Start of Greater Dallas, the Women, Infants and Children’s Program (WIC), the Neonatal ICU at Parkland Hospital and for 7 years she was a Dietitian at Children’s Health (formerly Children’s Medical Center) in Dallas where her focus was Gastroenterology Disorders.

Glenn T. Furuta, MD is Board certified in Pediatric Gastroenterology. Dr.Furuta is a Gastroenterologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado, a Professor of Pediatrics and the Director of the Gastrointestinal Eosinophilic Diseases Program at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado

Benjamin D. Gold, MD is Board Certified in Pediatric Gastroenterology.  Dr. Gold is a Gastroenterologist at Children’s Center for Digestive Healthcare, LLC (GI Care for Kids) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Harumi Jyonouchi, MD is Board-Certified in Allergy and Immunology.  Dr. Jyonouchi is researcher who sees her patients at Children’s Hospital at Saint Peters’ University Hospital in New Bruinswick, New Jersey.

Bailey Koch, RD, CSP, LD is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian.   Bailey is a Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition and successfully completed the ELL Foundation PAC Food Allergy and Intolerance Training Certification for Dietitians. She is a part of the team at Children’s Center for Digestive Healthcare and Atlanta Pediatric Nutrition, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia.

John J. Lee, MD is Board-Certified in Allergy and Immunology.  Dr. Lee is a Co-Director of the EGID Program (Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders) at Children’s Hospital Boston, Massachusetts.

Tara McCarthy, MS, RD, LDN is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Clinical Nutrition specialist in  The Nutrition Center and Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease (EGID) program at Boston Children’s Hospital. Tara is also an Instructor at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

David R. Naimi, DO is Board-Certified in Allergy and Immunology.  Dr. Naimi is an Allergist at The Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California. 

Christopher Parrish, MD is Board-Certified in Allergy and Immunology and is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine in the Division of Allergy and Immunology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He cares for patients with non-IgE-mediated food allergies in the Food Allergy Center at Children’s Health in Dallas, Texas.

Sergio Negre Policarpo, MD, PhD. is the head of the Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Unit at Quiron Valencia Hospital Pediatric Department- UPIQ (Valencia, Spain) and an Associate Clinical Professor at Catholic University of Valencia, Spain.

Wayne Shreffler, MD, PhD is Board-Certified in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology and Chief of Pediatric Allergy & Immunology at Massachusetts General Hospital   Dr.Shreffler is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School; Director of The Food Allergy Center;  and Principal Investigator of the Center for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital , Massachusetts.

Luqman Seidu, MD is Board-Certified in Pediatrics and Allergy and Immunology.  Dr. Seidu is an Allergist at Georgia Allergy, Immunology and Asthma and Adjunct Professor in Atlanta, Georgia.

Qian Yuan, MD, PhD is a Board-Certified Pediatrician in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. Dr. Qian Yuan is a Clinical Director at Massachusetts General Hospital Food Allergy Center and an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School Boston, Massachusetts.

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Foundation Executive Directors: 

The Executive Directors are the chief executive officer of the corporation and are responsible for providing professional advice and assistance to the Board of Directors for the organization’s consistent achievement of the Foundation’s mission. The Directors oversee all aspects of the non-profit business as well as the e-mail, social media, blog, support forum, and website. 

Amanda LeFew lives with her husband and two daughters in Massachusetts, both children have FPIES.  Amanda is a board-certified music therapist and has additional training in Neurological Music Therapy (MT-BC NMT). She has experience in developing and implementing group/individual therapy sessions, as well as educational and large event planning. Additional experience includes developing and implementing in-services for volunteer and staff training as well as facilitating outreach for families of her client populations.  Amanda is a Foundation Founding Member and Executive Co-Director, currently serving as Co-Chair and Medical Liaison of The FPIES Foundation.

Joy Meyer  lives in  Minnesota with her husband and their four boys; their youngest has FPIES.  Joy has an AAS degree in Nutrition and is a Registered Dietetic Technician (DTR) where she is responsible for providing normal and therapeutic medical nutrition therapy to patients as part of a multidisciplinary team; as well as collaborating  with the clinical dietitians in nutrition services and activities.  Joy’s past dietetics experiences includes both Assistant Food Service Director and Clinical Dietetics roles and includes chairing a nutrition subcommittee in clinical dietetics practice at the hospital where she currently is employed.  Joy has a love for Nutrition and a passion for helping others.  Joy is a Foundation Founding Member and Executive Co-Director, currently serving as Chair and Treasurer of The FPIES Foundation.

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Foundation Volunteers, Advisory Boards, and Board of Directors: 

The FPIES Foundation Board of Directors, Advisory Boards, and Volunteers are a diverse group of individuals from the community, with varying backgrounds and expertise, who volunteer to make significant contributions of time and talent to our mission.

Volunteers  of The FPIES Foundation serve on Parent Advisory Panel or Volunteer Committee’s and work together with the Foundation Board of Directors and Executive Directors to undertake projects and complete tasks vital to the progression of the goals and mission of The FPIES Foundation.**

We recognize all volunteers, past and present, who have made valuable contributions of time and talent to The Foundation:

Erica Allen

Jenn Booth

Janie Dullard

Aubrey Frederickson

Margaret Hancock

Carlee Butler-Huntley

Danielle George

Hilary Lagerwey

Heather Martin, RD

Jackie Morrow

Jen Hertsch

Ashutosh Mani

Amber Parker

Eric Sheehan

Jerran Boyer

Angelika Sharma

Thank You For Your Support Concep

**In addition to contributions from The FPIES Foundation Volunteer board, The Foundation often collaborates with families for specific projects and initiatives.  If you would like to volunteer with The FPIES Foundation, contact us today!

Annette Mestern OTR/L

Robyn Hovseth, Dental Hygienist

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Nichole L. Huff, Ph.D., CFLE

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