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The Online Learning Library is a collection of multimedia resources to encourage the growth of awareness and education among medical professionals, families, and the communities that support individuals affected by FPIES.

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Whether you are newly learning about the ins and outs of FPIES (Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome), or whether you are looking for resources to share with others to promote better understanding of this oftentimes confounding condition, these videos can help to expand your knowledge base. The more knowledgeable about FPIES each of us can become, the better equipped we can be to manage to day-to-day challenges that accompany this diagnosis

Planning & Preparation

FPIES affects various aspects of daily life and as such, a great deal of planning and preparation can be required in order to properly manage this condition.

These resources are designed to help you with both every day and emergency resources. With appropriate planning and preparation, affected individuals and their families can feel more confident in their ability to take on daily challenges and to navigate unexpected scenarios, from daycare, to clinic, to school, and beyond!

The Kitchen Table

When you receive an FPIES diagnosis, your diet is affected in some way. Whether avoiding 1-2 "trigger" foods, or whether you are limited to eating just a handful of safe foods, a little creativity and learning from the experiences of others can help to make your days at the kitchen table a bit more manageable!

Tune in to learn tips and tricks regarding feeding kids with food allergies, cooking considerations, and some single ingredient recipe tutorials!

FPIES as a diagnosis can bring about a great deal of stress for families-- from preventing and managing reactions to food trials and navigating daily management with the changing ages and stages of our affected loved ones. Thankfully, there are tools to help not only caregivers to better cope with these aspects, but also tools that we can pass along to even the youngest of individuals diagnosed with FPIES.

The FPIES Registry PIN & Research

Learning about ongoing research and how you and your family can contribute to the body of existing data are important factors in living with an FPIES diagnosis.

Learning about the PIN (the FPIES Foundation Global Patient Registry Patient Insights Network) and how you can get involved is a great place to start! Be sure to send us any questions you may have about becoming a part of this amazing tool to power research!

Awareness and You!

In addition to the daily management of FPIES, individuals, families and providers often find themselves in the position of advocate, spreading FPIES awareness in a variety of professional and casual settings. The resources in this chapter of the Learning Library will help you to do this! Peruse the various videos and explore what resources would work best for your awareness needs-- from social media shares to educating communities to informing colleagues.

Worksheets and Printouts

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