New to FPIES?

Join pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Sergio Negre Policarpo MD, PhD, as he answers the question, "What is FPIES?" with this overview of the condition.

Whether you are newly learning about the ins and outs of FPIES (Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome), or whether you are looking for resources to share with others to promote better understanding of this oftentimes confounding condition, these videos can help to expand your knowledge base. The more knowledgeable about FPIES each of us can become, the better equiped we can be to manage to day-to-day challenges that accompany this diagnosis.

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Join pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Amana Nasir, MD, as she discusses an overview of FPIES– suitable for parents and for professionals who are beginning to learn about FPIES.

Pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Jonah Essers, M.D, MPH, discusses how to establish your family's gameplan when responding to acute FPIES reactions.

Dr. Amana Nasir joins us once again to speak with families and practitioners about preparing children for various GI procedures and tests with helpful and practical tips!

Join us as Alexia Beauregard, MS, RD, CSP, LD, explores tips and tricks for feeding children with food allergies. She explores nutritional as well as behavioral components that may present difficulties for some affected children, offering creative ideas and solutions for families and the professionals assisting them.

Join our panel as we reflect on managing FPIES and breastfeeding. Nutritional needs of the child and mother, resources for families, and tips and tricks to help along the journey are all explored in this multifaceted presentation.

Join Dr. Nichole Huff, PhD, CFLE, as she explores ways to address special food needs with your child, as it relates to his/her/their own developmental level. As an experienced professional and a parent to a child diagnosed with FPIES, Dr. Huff gives excellent insights for parents, caregivers and educators alike.

The FPIES Foundation partnered with ThriveRx to present "Advocating for your child in the Healthcare system" (PDF). Our aim is to help families navigate the healthcare system by providing advocacy actions, tools, and resources to assist them and their providers as they care for their children living with FPIES.

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