Have you, or has someone you love, been diagnosed with FPIES?

Maybe you have heard this myth: “But wait! FPIES is a condition that only affects infants and children!”

In fact, FPIES CAN present in adults, of any age, though the current research suggests it occurs in adults less frequently than in children. There is certainly crossover in the usefulness of FPIES resources for all ages; that said, this diagnosis demands age-appropriate resources for adults as well. Consider this page as a landing site for beginning your journey to a more thorough understanding of FPIES and how it may impact your day to day life. 

Be sure to click on the buttons for, “Daily Life with FPIES,” and “Medical and Emergency Care,” to access adult-specific resources.

FPIES and Adults:
Scholarly Journal Articles

Though you will find great information in our general FPIES medical journal listing, here are some articles specific to FPIES and adults that you and your practitioner may find helpful.

Fernandes, Bryan N; Boyle, Robert J; Gore, Claudia; Simpson, Angela; Custovic, Adnan.Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology; St. Louis Vol. 130, Iss. 5, (Nov 2012): 1199-1200.

Connecting and Contributing

Living with FPIES can feel isolating at times, but know that you are not alone! By volunteering with The FPIES Foundation, you can connect with members of the FPIES community while contributing your talents! As an adult diagnosed with this condition, you have unique insights into living with FPIES that can truly be invaluable to the creation of resources and special projects, as well as raising awareness. Join us in the Foundation’s work TODAY!!

Help out from the comfort of your own home! Help us to design new resources and more– we would love you to join the team!
A great way to contribute to the work of the FPIES Foundation is through the organization of fundraisers! Your efforts would help us to continue funding research and creating resources for affected individuals and the medical professionals who serve them!

Do you have professional skills that could benefit FPIES families through educational resources, like webinars? Connect with us today with your proposal to  collaborate on potential projects!

For an increased time commitment and longer term position, consider joining our board of directors, helping to operate the FPIES Foundation.

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