One-Click Awareness with Social Media Sharing!

Use these custom banners, profile pictures, and frames to share FPIES awareness on your favorite social media platform(s). It’s easy to reach out to your online community with these eye-catching and educational tools!

Global FPIES Day Frame
Global FPIES Day Frame
Global FPIES Day Frame-- Group
FPIES in a Word Profile Picture
"Be the Voice" Profile Picture
"Proud to Support" Social Media Button
Rare Diseases Day Profile Picture
Self-Advocacy Postcard
FAAW Super Hero Frame
FPIES At A Glance Social Media Banner
FPIES "Simple Words, Complex Diagnosis" Banner
About FPIES Social Media Banner
"Living with FPIES" Social Media Banner

Your most powerful contribution to The FPIES Foundation is your family’s voice.

Awareness is ACTION!

Share “How to Help an FPIES Family Today” on Social Media to spark FPIES awareness

Share “FPIES: In a Word” on Social Media to bring awareness to the experiences of families affected by FPIES

Encourage your community to “Be the Voice” by sharing this FPIES awareness video on social media today!

For more videos to share for FPIES awareness and education, please visit our youtube channel today!

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