pediatricianThank you for your commitment to providing valuable and individualized care to patients and their families living with FPIES. We are very glad that you have taken an interest in The FPIES Foundation and the resources we can provide for you and your patients.

We at the FPIES Foundation understand firsthand how a new diagnosis can be very confusing; with an allergy as rare as FPIES, it can be difficult to know where to begin educating ourselves and our families!

Since we began in 2011, The FPIES Foundation’s online toolbox full of resources has been there to help! Today, we offer a multitude of online resources in addition to multi-lingual print resources available to you, other professionals, and families, upon request!

We are also proud to invite you to register at the Provider/ Research Portal of our FPIES Patient Global Registry, the first and only of its kind. The FPIES Foundation’s FPIES Patient Global Registry is open to Providers to view and follow the data (currently over 1000 participants have registered) under this portal so please, be sure to register today!

We hope you continue to refer your patients to our website for these valuable resources and more! Please contact us at for additional copies of materials we can provide, provider packet information, any updates to your practice information we have listed, and of course any questions you may have!

Joy Meyer & Amanda LeFew
Founders & Co-Directors
The FPIES Foundation

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Page published: May 1, 2016. Last update: Nov. 21, 2017. Copyright © 2016,The FPIES Foundation