Tools for Self-Care and Support

Join co-director Amanda LeFew (MT-BC) as we explore various types and purposes of support groups, as well as tips and techniques for creating and maintaining your own FPIES support group. For more information, visit our

comprehensive tutorial


FPIES as a diagnosis can bring about a great deal of stress for families-- from preventing and managing reactions to food trials and navigating daily management with the changing ages and stages of our affected loved ones. Thankfully, there are tools to help not only caregivers to better cope with these aspects, but also tools that we can pass along to even the youngest of individuals diagnosed with FPIES.

For additional resources and support, be sure to read about support group creation in our comprehensive tutorial, and visit our guided imagery listening page designed for children.

If you have resources that have worked for you and your loved ones in managing FPIES stress, please reach out to us at We would love to help you share your story and resources!

Join Mellisa as she explains the benefits of practicing guided imagery and relaxation strategies with kids affected by FPIES!

In this "parent-to-parent" video, Amanda LeFew takes families through the process of building and implementing calm kits in order to foster coping skills for their children.

Honor Genetski, MFT, guides parents and caregivers through an exercise in self-care, emphasizing the importance of properly caring for ourselves in order to best care for our children.

Join Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and mom of a child with FPIES, Honor Genetski, as she explores how FPIES can impact family dynamics. She discusses seven key strategies to help your child affected by FPIES to better cope with this difficult diagnosis, and describes practical examples for putting these strategies in action in your own home. A must-see for families and caregivers, this presentation will allow families to jump-start a conversation about coping and managing the stress that can come with life with FPIES.

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Do you have ideas for new resources to foster coping skills and to help create support systems for those affected by FPIES?

Do you need additional tools to help support you and your loved ones as you adapt to life with an FPIES diagnosis?

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