Planning and Preparation

The Children's Medical Nutrition Alliance takes us through the steps of navigating insurance as it pertains to medical nutrition (i.e. elemental formula, tube feeding, etc) and explains how to advocate for your child during this process. To learn more about The Children's Medical Nutrition Alliance (CMNuA), a 501c3 non-profit organization, visit:

FPIES affects various aspects of daily life and as such, a great deal of planning and preparation can be required in order to properly manage this condition.

These resources are designed to help you with both every day and emergency resources. With appropriate planning and preparation, affected individuals and their families can feel more confident in their ability to take on daily challenges and to navigate unexpected scenarios.

Daycare, preschool, and K-12 schooling requires a bit of special planning, and we've got you covered. Be sure to also explore our document library for emergency and action plan documents, 504 planning worksheets, worksheets for teachers to prepare for students affected by FPIES, and more!

Learn the language of labels as FPIES Foundation co-director Amanda LeFew presents, “Label Reading, Decoded." We will explore the process of discovering new safe foods, deciphering the language around ingredient labels, how and when to reach out to manufacturers, and tips for staying safe amid recalls, packaging changes, and more. To print our label reading tutorial, visit

We are accustomed to planning for the emergencies of potential food reactions, but we also must plan for other potential emergencies, such as natural disasters. Walk through the steps of creating your family's plan today!

Food allergies can be expensive! Check out this slide show aimed at discussing tips and tricks for saving money when living with food allergies. If you have addition tips to add, please reach out and share them with us today!

Are you a preschool teacher or daycare professional hoping to learn more about FPIES? Do you have a child in your classroom affected by FPIES? Are you looking to learn more about creating safe accommodations to better support children affected by FPIES who are in your care? Tune in and learn about FPIES in a Preschool/ Daycare Setting! Be sure to check out our website for the packet of accompanying resources!

Join Amanda LeFew as she explores the impact of FPIES on affected children in elementary and middle school classrooms. Addressing families of affected students and the educational professionals that serve them, this presentation explores adaptations for the classroom, creating the student's medical plan, navigating reactions, and more! A must-see for educators and families alike.

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