Lakeside Calm by Mellisa Dormoy of Shambala Kids
Happy Heart Meditation by Mellisa Dormoy of Shambala Kids
Thankful Turtle by Mellisa Dormoy of Shambala Kids
Peaceful Retreat by Mellisa Dormoy of Shambala Kids

Mellisa Dormoy, CHt CEO Shambala Kids

Best-selling author, trainer and guided imagery therapist Mellisa Dormoy is a
children’s self-esteem advocate dedicated to helping children realize the inherent value within.

ShambalaKids is aimed at teaching the inner strength and wisdom available to children and teens across the globe. Through the relaxation and stress management techniques taught in her programs, classes, and CDs, children are able to rise above everyday stress and experience the positive mindset that sets them on the path to inner happiness and life success!

Mellisa generously donated her time and talents to provide the above guided imagery recordings for the FPIES community. She can be reached at

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