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FPIES 101: Get the Basics

Get started learning about FPIES by reviewing "About FPIES," the Q&A featuring our esteemed Medical Advisory Board, and our Emergency Care resources, in which you can learn more about FPIES and shock.

Visiting Hospitals & Clinics

A new diagnosis can be overwhelming, and learning how to navigate doctor visits and potential ER or hospital visits is essential. Learn where to locate professionals familiar with FPIES, what to expect at specialist appointments, and explore helpful tools to help you and your child's practitioner formulate emergency plans.

Living with FPIES: Daily Life

Managing FPIES can be a daily challenge! Explore food journal and symptom documentation examples, cooking and nutrition resources, and online and printed resources to help your family navigate life at home, in your local community, and at schools/daycares.

Be the Voice

Be a part of the awareness solution! Find resources to share in your community and learn how to spread FPIES awareness to help our communities learn ways to better support affected individuals. Learn how to advocate for our kids, as well as find resources to help our kids use their own voices to spread awareness and to be their own self-advocates.

The FPIES Foundation is dedicated to overcoming the challenges of FPIES by offering tools for education, support, and advocacy to empower families and the medical community. The house structure of our logo symbolizes strength through a foundation of caring. It represents community and acceptance— inviting families to feel included under one roof. We aspire to help families feel welcomed, to know that they have a place where they can get help, support, and a sense of community, a place to come home.

You are not alone.

Tools for Building Support

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