Join us and reach out your hands to support families affected by FPIES– help us to continue supporting FPIES educational and awareness efforts in the parenting and medical communities.

You can help improve lives of those affected by FPIES by supporting the mission of The FPIES Foundation with your tax-deductible gift today.

Ways to give:

Donate: Your online donation, with the option to honor a friend or family member, will help fund education, awareness, outreach, and research.

Corporate matching/giving programs: Many companies offer employee match/giving programs.

Facebook Fundraiser: Set up a fundraiser on Facebook and raise awareness in your social network.

Partner programs:  Join one of our ongoing no-cost fundraiser programs (such as Amazon Smiles, iGive, Cafe Press), visit out fundraiser page for details.

Mail your donation: Fill out our donation form and mail to directly to us.

Organize a Fundraiser: See how you can raise funds while raising awareness on our fundraiser page.

Gifts in Kind:  Give talents, contribute materials! Contact us.

Donate your time: Learn more about how you can volunteer with us!

How to set up your Amazon Smile:

  1. In your internet browser go to and log in using your Amazon credentials.
  2. Click “pick your own charitable organization”
  3. Enter “The FPIES Foundation” then click “Search”
  4. On the next page, check the box next to “Yes” and then click “Start Shopping”
  5. Bookmark the link and use it every time you shop on Amazon to benefit The FPIES Foundation!

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