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Welcome to the Recipe Box! On this page, you will find a compilation of a variety of recipes, submitted from the diverse FPIES community. Some are simple, some are complex, but all are available to you as a resource and as an inspiration. Even if the ingredients are different from your little one’s safe list, we encourage you to read the recipes and cooking tips available here– often, great inspiration for creating your own safe recipes can be gained by reading the recipes of others.
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We need you! Parents of children with food allergies are some very creative cooks in the kitchen. If you would like your recipes to be included here, please submit them to, along with a statement that the recipes submitted are indeed original creations. Please also include a bit of background behind the recipe— is it a first birthday cake? Your child’s favorite afternoon snack?
We can’t wait to hear from you!

Cooking Tips

baby food tray featured tip close upFor cooking tips, label reading guides, kitchen resources, and more, check out our cooking resources page!

Food-Free Favorites

1-It doesn't take away from my birthday, my cake was food-free (2)Many families have opted for food free celebrations at one time or another and the results are incredible! For information about food-free festivities, be sure to check out this article from The FPIES Foundation blog!

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