Supportive Siblings

Being a brother or sister can be a lot of fun! But it can be hard to see a brother or sister get sick from FPIES reactions.
If you have a brother or sister living with FPIES, you may have a lot of questions, you may not understand what FPIES means, or you might need some extra help because of stressful feelings. You might want to find ways to help your brother or sister– but how?
You are not alone! There are many other brothers and sisters out there going through a lot of the same things you and your family are! There are also resources that can help!
Check out the tools and resources below and if you need to, ask a parent to help you to get in touch with these groups for more help and support.

Did you know that there are groups to help siblings like you?

Sibshops, a nationwide support group and resource for brothers and sisters of children affected by illness and/or disabilities, organizes events and support for siblings nationwide!

How You Help, Everyday

Your brother or sister is a rock star for living with FPIES, but you are a super star, too, in the ways you help him or her (and your family!) every day!

How do you help already?

Playing with your brother or sister to keep them busy at medical appointments

Helping out with chores around the house

Making your brother or sister laugh by telling funny stories or silly jokes

Drawing pictures or writing cards for your brother or sister when they are feeling sick

You Need Support, Too!

It is so wonderful that you help your brother or sister and your family, too! It is important that you also help yourself when some days may be hard or upsetting! Remember to:

  • Find someone to talk to about your feelings– a friend, a family member or a parent
  • Find a hobby that you enjoy (like building with LEGOS, arts and crafts, reading, or playing a sport)
  • Learn ways to relax by using deep breathing and exercise
  • Join a support group of other kids with brothers and sisters living with FPIES (ask your parents to help you find one online or near to where you live!)
  • Check out our page “Ways to Cope for Kids, By Kids” for more ideas!

Resources for Kids with FPIES & Their Siblings

What is FPIES to ME?
You have heard about FPIES from your parents and doctors, but what does it mean to be a kid experiencing FPIES?

Ways to Cope: For Kids, By Kids
Finding ways to cope and ways to lower your stress related to FPIES can be rough at different times. Learn resources to help!

Kids in Action!
All over the world, kids of all ages are using their individual voices to spark action, to make changes in their world! Read the stories of kids affected by FPIES and their siblings!

Help for Your Moms and Dads

Creating Calm Kits: A Resource for Your Entire Family

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