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FPIES rare but real

  • Feb. 24, 2017: An FPIES Family is honoring Rare Disease Day with her creation of a Rare But Real hand stamped necklace available in her Esty shop. Creator has this to add: “In the months of February and March 2017, every purchase of the #rarebutreal necklace will include a $5.00 donation to The FPIES Foundation.”
  • Oct. 20, 2016: FPIES Mom and artist Brittany Huston has created a line of illustrations linked to special needs and rare conditions. Each Critter is linked with a different organization, foundation, or charity and 10% of the profits for each sale go to that organization to help them continue to raise awareness! Brittany has honored The FPIES Foundation with linking us to an illustration called Teal Mice.  To learn more about the story of The Awareness Critters and order yours today, please visit her website: Awareness Critters.
  • April 30, 2016: Scentsy Fundraiser for FPIES! Support FPIES Awareness while you shop for Scentsy! FPIES Mom and Scentsy consultant is celebrating Allergy Awareness Month by donating profits from her sales to The FPIES Foundation in the month of May!
  • Nov. 20, 2015: FPIES aunt, Amy Walsh, a Consultant for Pink Zebra, is excited to share a new fundraiser to benefit The FPIES Foundation! Pink Zebra offers a unique product line of beautiful fragrances.  Check out the fundraiser event on Facebook, or click over to her consultant page on the Pink Zebra website  to purchase Pink Zebra in time for the holidays for your family and friends today!  Fundraiser runs through Dec.6th, 2015.
  • Oct. 19, 2015: FPIES Mom and Independent consultant with Perfectly Posh would love offer you pampering products for sale, with 100% of commission profits from Oct.21-Nov.4th sales as a donation to The FPIES Foundation  For more details, check out this online event on Facebook!
  • Oct. 8, 2015, Global FPIES Day Online Benefit/Fundraiser: Kara and her family knows what it means to Be the Voice‬ for FPIES Their goal in the days leading up to Global FPIES Day on Oct 14th is to raise FPIES awareness. Their little girl is a fighter with multiple rare diagnoses. Learn more about Kara here.
  • Global FPIES Day Jamberry Nail wraps!  Independent Jamberry Nail Wrap Consultant and Foundation Volunteer Kate Hutchens has created nail wraps for Global FPIES Day on Oct.14th!  To learn more visit her page!  Hurry- this sale closes September 1, 2015:
  • Glam Tots Boutique features FPIES discounts in February! Save 15% with promo code “FPIES”.  Brandi is an FPIES mom and owner and operator of Glam Tots, an Etsy shop, which features affordable boutique children’s items including smocked clothing, seasonal items, ruffle pants, ruffle shirts & boys is offering a discount and fundraiser for the month of February.  Use the code and save! Also visit her Facebook page for additional photos of products.
  • Got Food Allergies? FPIES Rare.But Real.  Booster T-shirts are back! On sale now!! Wear your FPIES Awareness gear! Designed by FPIES mom, Crystal Lentz, with booster sale donations contributed to The FPIES Foundation.  Order yours today:!!  Booster sales end Jan.22, 2015.
  • One Family plans a Global FPIES Awareness Day Event!  The family shares, “We are inviting everyone to visit the Jersey Mikes Subs in James City NC to come and see us and sign up for a raffle. All proceeds will be going towards FPIES. The restaurant will be donating 10% of all sales for the day of the 14th to The FPIES Foundation and we will be out there with our son, Luca, and family with information and flyers to help educate and spread awareness about FPIES.”
  • Rosie’s Creations supports Global FPIES Day!  Items made by me Rosie are available for sale and a portion of all sales over $10 will be donated to The FPIES Foundation from Sept.5, 2014 until October 14th, 2014.
  • Global FPIES Day T-shirt Sales!  FPIES mom and Foundation Volunteer, Jessie Ipson Richens, has designed a shirt for Global FPIES Day. “This is such an important day to raise awareness of FPIES. By purchasing a shirt, you are not only helping to raise money used by The FPIES Foundation for research, helping raise awareness about this rare disease, but you are also showing support to FPIES families that desperately need it.” Read more here:
  • The Fangman Family raises awareness dragrace style! Samantha shares, “Our daughter, Josie, has FPIES. She is currently 10 months old. She has vomit to shock reactions and has MANY triggers. We have yet to find a doctor that our insurance will cover that knows/is willing to see Josie about her FPIES. My husband had decals made for his racecar with the FPIES logo. We have brochures printed that we hand out at all our races. We were amazed how many people came up and asked us what FPIES and The FPIES Foundation was at our first race. We’ve handed out many more brochures than we anticipated and are thrilled about it!!! We are doing what we can to get the word out!!
  • FPIES UK seeks to raise awareness across the UK,  announces new website of support and resources for families living with FPIES.  From FPIES Uk founder, Louise Littler, “As a mother of a child with Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis I was surprised to find that the majority of doctors in this country do not know what FPIES is and that I had to fight to get a diagnosis for my son. I was even more surprised to discover there were no UK support or information groups for those families living with this difficult condition”.
  • FPIES Holiday Party for children with FPIES and their families! A parent of a child with FPIES has organized an event asks to share:“You’re invited to The FPIES Holiday Party.  This party, for children with FPIES and their families will be held Sunday, December 22, from 11am to 2pm at the Bellevue Fire Fighter’s Hall located at 2108 Franklin Street, Bellevue, Nebraska.  The event is local and open to any FPIES families that can make it no matter where they’re from. People can join online to raise awareness too! If you’ll be attending in person, please RSVP on the event page with the number in your party and send a private message with the ages & genders of any children in your party to make sure they have appropriate gifts to give them the day of”!  To join event online:
  • Come see The FPIES Foundation at the Food Allergy Support Group of MN (FASGMN) 7th annual Food Allergy Resource Fair  Saturday, December 7, 2013, 9:00AM – 12:00PM at the Eisenhower Community Center, 1001 Highway 7, Hopkins, MN 55305.  The FPIES Foundation will have an informational booth, with free samples of CheeCha puffs and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts!   ADMISSION is FREE to this event hosted by FASGMN.
  • Norwex and The FPIES Foundation Facebook event.  Organized by FPIES mom and advocate, Erica Allen bringing her favorite causes together: Norwex and FPIES.  For the month of October, Erica hopes to raise awareness and educate others about FPIES so others will not struggle as her family has, Erica is donating her proceeds from sales to The FPIES Foundation.  This event will be ongoing and orders can be accepted at any time up till Oct 31st.
  • Team ‘Big Steps for FPIES’ walks for FARE in Virginia Beach, VA on Saturday November 2, 2013. The Walk is a family-friendly event that takes place in communities nationwide to fund food allergy research, education, advocacy and awareness. To make a donation or join Team ‘Big Steps for FPIES’ to fundraise and/or walk, visit FARE.
  • Sarah’s FPIES Clubhouse participates in “Strides for Safe Kids” Walk for KFA (Kids with Food Allergies)! The clubhouse is walking to raise FPIES awareness and all proceeds go directly to Strides for Safe Kids.  To show your support for Sarah, and all kids living with FPIES, donate or register to the annual Kids With Food Allergies walk and expo at the Plymouth Meeting Mall in Pennsylvania on September 8, 2013 visit: Sarah’s FPIES Clubhouse Fundraising Page.
  • Team FPIES Foundation walks for FARE in Boston, MA on Sunday October 6, 2013.  The Walk is a family-friendly event that takes place in communities nationwide to fund food allergy research, education, advocacy and awareness. To make a donation or join Team FPIES Foundaiton to fundraise and/or walk, visit FARE.
  • Fussah’s Fighters walk for FARE in Pittsburgh, PA on Sunday September 15,2013. The Walk is a family-friendly event that takes place in communities nationwide to fund food allergy research, education, advocacy and awareness. To make a donation or join Team Fussah’s Fighters to fundraiser and/or walk, visit FARE.
  • Zoe’s FPIES Awareness Photo Shoot with Photography by Jennifer Lambson: Zoe took part in a photo shoot a local photographer did called Amazing Kids to bring awareness to their diseases. This photo shoot was free of charge to us parents to celebrate the kids and their battles. This is Zoe. She is just as sweet as she looks. Zoe is a brave little girl and she wanted to make sure that “Pony” was included in pictures, as well. Her mom told me that Pony goes with them to dr. appointments and they do whatever procedure…they are going to do on Pony first so that Zoe feels better about it. Zoe if your mommy is reading this to you I want to thank you for sharing your story with us and for sharing with me all about your good friend Pony, as well. Read more...
  • I have FPIES Eyes” t-shirts and awareness gear byCarrie Summers, mom to a little boy with FPIES. Carrie has an online Zazzle shop that includes FPIES Awareness gear, featuring “I Have FPIES Eyes” photo to raise awareness to the effects FPIES has on how we read food labels and see a world revolving around food. A percent of sales of “I Have FPIES Eyes” will be donated to FPIES.
  • Making Logan’s Dream Come True (Awareness page and Fundraisers): Logan’s friends set up a facebook page to raise awareness and funds in his son’s journey with FPIES.  From Logan’s mom: “The reason I made a page for Logan is to spread the awareness of FPIES & Gastroparesis;  and it has helped. We have fought so hard so long for a diagnosis and still trying to get answers.”
Zoe FPIES Eyes Logans journeypackers Some Kinda Love

simple straightforward fundraising

  Awareness is the cornerstone to building a foundation of active support for FPIES children.  The FPIES Foundation supports efforts to raise awareness to FPIES in your local communities.   Raising awareness can be simple and start with a single conversation!    For examples of simple awareness conversations and how they were initiated, please visit our Start the Conversation webpage and blog post, “Start the Conversation for FPIES Awareness”, offering great awareness ideas.  For more information on ways to support The FPIES Foundation through a community event, visit our (Fundraising) page.  Whether you are interested in creating a Foundation fundraiser, an awareness event, or a personal benefit in tandem with an FPIES Awareness event, The FPIES Foundation can provide you the resources and tools to get you started.  Together, with collaboration of families and medical professionals, we will continue to make changes today to building this lasting foundation for tomorrow, providing a network of caring, the support your need to support your child.

If you have an event you would like us to be aware of and share, please contact us today!

 The FPIES Foundation provides fundraising and awareness events packets with resources and tools  on our fundraising and Awareness pages.  Events are featured here as shared by families of the FPIES Community.  The FPIES Foundation is not responsible for monies exchanged during individual family events.   

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