A tool to help you learn the basic of FPIES.
Questions voiced from the FPIES community, Answers from the desks of the MAB. Read now. . .
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FPIES Dictionary
A user-friendly list of medical terms designed to supplement information from this website and the “About FPIES” and “FPIES Q&A” documents.
Medical Literature
Further your learning of what has been studied and researched on FPIES by browsing through this diverse and current  literature listing.
Find a Specialist
Locate a Healthcare professional knowledgeable in FPIES  in our free online database.
Doctor Visits
Guidance in navigating medical appointments and getting the most out of your child’s important doctor visits.
Articles for Appointments
FPIES is a clinical diagnosis, which means there are no tests or treatment protocols to affirm a diagnosis. Medical literature can help physicians gain a foundation of knowledge to better aid their smallest patients. Go here. . .
Emergency Care
A tool that provides what to pack in your ER diaper bag, a sample ER letter, and how to write your own ER letter, as well as what symptoms to look for with a reaction. Go here. . .
Symptom Checker
A place to review the common symptoms involved in an FPIES reaction and questions an evaluating physician may ask about your child’s history. Go here. . .
FPIES in the News
Wondering about the latest FPIES news stories? Read now. . .

Read Inspiring Family stories. 

To read more FPIES stories, visit our page on The Mighty.

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Are you a medical provider hoping to learn more?

Please visit our Health Care Professionals page for provider-specific resources!

FPIES At a Glance

Welcome to The FPIES  Foundation toolbox, a place where you will find some basic “tools” to get you started on your journey with this diagnosis.

Perhaps you’ve found your way to this website because a loved one was recently diagnosed with Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (F-PIES);  or you suspect your little one might have FPIES.  When you first heard about the diagnosis, you may have felt overwhelmed, and you likely had many questions.   A new diagnosis can be very confusing, and with an allergy as rare, and often mis-understood, as FPIES, it can be difficult to know where to begin educating yourself and your family.

Here, you will find resources for navigating day-to-day life with FPIES, as well as resources for navigating medical procedures, doctor’s visits and even emergency room care. Inspiration and comfort can be found in reading stories shared by families in our community.

Regardless of where your family is on this journey, these tools can be essential in helping to build a foundation of support for your little one diagnosed with FPIES as well as for your entire family.

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Formula Toolkit

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Feeding, nutrition and insurance resources!

Emergency Kit

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Breastfeeding Kit

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Hoping to learn more? Check Out these Helpful “Getting Started” topics, taken from the Foundation Q&A pages:

I suspect FPIES, but what do I do if my child’s doctor is not familiar with FPIES?

Because FPIES is an uncommon diagnosis, it is possible that your child’s doctor may not be familiar with it. That’s okay, and it is not an indication that you need a new physician. The vast majority of physicians are committed to ongoing medical education, and will welcome a discussion of a possible diagnosis, if you follow a few common-sense guidelines. . . read more

 How do I find a knowledgeable doctor to assess my child for an FPIES diagnosis? A Board-Certified Specialist (Allergist/ Immunologist or Pediatric Gastroenterologist) is an important member of the health care team caring for your child with FPIES. These fellowship-trained physicians have received special education in allergic disorders of the gastrointestinal system. A University-based medical center (especially one with a fellowship program in either Allergy/ Immunology or Pediatric Gastroenterology) will have physicians who are knowledgeable about FPIES. However, many community-based physicians are also well-versed in the diagnosis . . . read more.

 My child was just diagnosed with FPIES— now what?

First things first. Take a deep breath, hug your little one, and:

1) Get ready to go to school! As with any chronic funny baby in academician clothes using laptopmedical condition, the more you learn . . . read more

2) Prepare to partner with your physicians!

3) Get Support!

4) Get your family on board!

FPIES Awareness
Share these resources with family and friends to further awareness of this Non-IgE Allergy.
FPIES Support
 On the forum, families can connect with other families affected by FPIES from all over the globe, get tips, ask questions, connect with local families, share recipes to overcome the dietary challenges of FPIES, and exchanges resources for navigating the day-to-day practical aspects of living with FPIES.
Help an FPIES Family Today
A Letter to Family and Friends

Advocacy Tools

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Inspiring Families
 A free web program that allows visitors to the website to read other FPIES family stories and identify with this clinical diagnosis.   Families affected by FPIES are encouraged to share the story of their journey.   Sharing the trials and successes gives voice to all those struggling with FPIES, and is a valuable tool for other families as well.   It is a great opportunity to learn from one another and grow together as a supportive community.
Links & Resources
From related non-profits to medical professional associations, explore the network of information available
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Cooking & Nutrition
Nutrition resources for families

Tips, tutorials and techniques for cooking and beyond at the kitchen table.

Food Journals
A tool for helping correlate foods and symptoms. Learn how to customize a journal best suited to you and your family’s needs.
Label Reading, Decoded
Learn the basics behind ingredient lists, allergy warnings, labeling language, and more.
Kids' Resources
Because every kid is unique, kids need their own special place at the Foundation, too! From School to play to reactions and managing FPIES, resources tailored to infants, children and teens can be found here!
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Letters & Forms
Explore the library of forms, letters and documents designed to help you support your child and manage his/her care.

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