School Support for Parents & Guardians

Parents become accustomed to advocating for their children in a variety of settings when living with FPIES. The school setting is one of most importance!

With appropriate tools and resources, parents can best navigate the school systems and equip their children to have a safe and successful education experience!

Check out this parent-friendly resource from Global Genes:

"Optimizing Your Loved One’s Learning and Potential at School"

Star Tips for Parents

Keeping a Communication Log

A communication log or journal can be a great way to maintain conversation and share important changes at home and school.

Strategies for Success

There may be specific strategies that you use to help your child cope with changes that may occur with a food trial. Discuss these with teachers in case they want to adapt any for classroom implementation

Be a Part of the Team!

Do your best to be available and accessible for questions, support, and volunteering when possible

Keep Records Current

Be sure to keep your child’s allergen list up-to-date for both the classroom and for the school records!

Discuss with the Teacher

Be aware of classroom activities that may expose your child to his/her food triggers (such as art/sensory play activities)

Supportive Relationships

Just as you want the school staff to support you as a parent, let staff know that you support them! Appreciation goes a long way and can help to further cement a strong relationship between parents and school staff!

Special Resources, Just for FPIES

Appropriate management is key in helping our children to safely and positively experience their school life. This can be done in part by passing on FPIES specific education materials to teachers and school staff by parents.

Explaining FPIES: Clearly & Concisely

Safety for Each & Every Day

Preventing Reactions

Resources that explain how to prevent potential exposures/reactions

Coping with Stress

This book can help your child to put feelings into words:

Additional Resources:

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Just For Kids

Visit the kids’ resource page here and check out kid-friendly tools to help your child better understand and cope with FPIES life.

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