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More and more schools are increasing food allergy awareness in recent years.

Though this awareness will help a child affected by FPIES, there are some unique considerations that schools and staff will want to keep in mind when assisting the child living with an FPIES diagnosis.

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Keep the conversation open with families and affected children in regards to proper FPIES management.

    • communication log or journal can be a great way to maintain conversation and share important changes in the student’s daily life at home and school

Some children are learning what foods are safe or unsafe; it is important to know any changes to each child’s allergen list.

    • Be aware of this in regards to not only snacks and meals, but also things like sensory materials, art supplies and items brought to classroom parties

It is important to know when a child is trialing a new food– changes in mood, behavior and overall health may be observed.

    • A communication log, like the one mentioned above, can help parents and teachers to share information about these observations
    • There may be specific strategies that a parent uses to help the child cope with changes that may occur with a food trial– parents and teachers should discuss how best to adapt these for classroom implementation

headercolorbarFor Schools: Trusted Online Resources:

  • Multiple Resources and Forms from
  • From the CDC: Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Schools and Early Care and Education Programs

FPIES-Specific Resources

Appropriate management is key in helping our children to safely and positively experience their school life.

This can be done in part by utilizing FPIES specific education materials in school settings and all related school activities.

Resources that explain FPIES in simple, concise terms

Resources that explain appropriate emergency management in the event of a reaction/exposure

Resources that are portable for on-the-go education, awareness and safety

Resources to help children with coping strategies, self-empowerment and safety teaching tools


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