‘Be the Voice’ for FPIES during Food Allergy Awareness Week 2014!

May is national Asthma and Allergy Awareness month and May 11-17 is dedicated to food allergy awareness. The FPIES Foundation invites you to use this week to help us raise awareness for Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, or FPIES.  ‘Be the Voice’ in your community with our awareness tools and join in our social media campaigns. Our voices together will educate, empower, connect, advocate and call to action – truly impacting improved standards of care. Help those affected today and tomorrow. It starts with one, it starts with you.  ‘Be the Voice’ to increase FPIES awareness!

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 In your home community:

Raise FPIES Awareness Today!

In your online community:
  • Visit our FPIES Awareness page to print community awareness cards, rack cards, flyers and more to teachers, doctors, schools, providers.
  • Kids are the corner stone of the Foundation, read more about Kids in Action
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  • Be the Voice: Follow and share Facebook, and Twitter updates and share your voice with #FPIESBETHEVOICE.
  • Add our Support button to your blog or profile pictures.
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Be the Voice!



In 1998, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, now Food Allergy Research and Education Foundation (FARE), created Food Allergy Awareness Week (FAAW) to educate others about food allergies, a potentially life-threatening medical condition.  Learn more about the origins and activities of FAAW, such as: how to get involved, how to download, print, and share free resources, requesting a proclamation be issued in your state, teal takeover, and follow social media for activities to share to increase awareness.FPIES rare but real

This year, FARE has declared the entire month of May Food Allergy Action Month! For additional awareness campaigns:


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