Growing FPIES Awareness

Join Heather Martin as she explores 5 of the common myths related to Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES). Heather is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian, mother of a child living with FPIES and volunteer for The FPIES Foundation. Video by Jackie Morrow, media specialist at Nordstrom and mother to a child with FPIES, who has been inspired to volunteer her time and talents to help raise FPIES awareness.

In addition to the daily management of FPIES, individuals, families and providers often find themselves in the position of advocate, spreading FPIES awareness in a variety of professional and casual settings. The resources in this chapter of the Learning Library will help you to do this! Peruse the various videos and explore what resources would work best for your awareness needs-- from social media shares to educating communities to informing colleagues.

We are always looking for new ways to spread FPIES awareness and your voice is an essential tool in this process! If you have an idea for an awareness resource, please reach out and connect with us at The FPIES Foundation today!

This "Tips for Living with FPIES" video, in partnership with The Mighty, is a compilation of quotes from families living with FPIES and was created by FPIES Foundation volunteer, Jackie Morrow. Jackie is a mother to a child with FPIES and has been inspired to volunteer her time and talents to help raise FPIES awareness. Jackie is media specialist at Nordstrom and by volunteering at The FPIES Foundation she is eligible to participate in their employee volunteer program. Nordstrom makes a monetary contribution to the FPIES Foundation for every 15 hours she volunteers. Win-Win!

Join Joy Meyer, Co-Director of The FPIES Foundation as she outlines the materials included in a FPIES Foundation awareness packet.

All materials are available on our website for you to access and print anytime, free of charge. The packets contains pre-printed materials mailed to you for your convenience, also free of charge. To receive an awareness packet, please send us a note at with your name and mailing address.

What is an ally? When living with the diagnosis of FPIES, affected individuals, their families, and the medical professionals who support them rely on allies. An ally can be a person or an organization, young or "experienced," new to FPIES or an FPIES veteran. Together, we can all be allies for one another, across our local and global communities. Together, we are the voice and together we will continue to educate, advocate and support.

Have you ever wondered the ins and outs of creating an FPIES resource table for your next awareness event? FPIES Foundation Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Amanda LeFew, guides you through the basic steps you need to follow to get started.

"How to Help an FPIES Family Today" is a letter to our family and friends that provides insight into the life and needs of an FPIES family and how friends and extended family can support and encourage the family affected by this diagnosis. Read more on here:

Join us in kicking off our celebration of Global FPIES Day 2015 with a message of hope from Amanda LeFew, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of The FPIES Foundation.

In 2015, we not only celebrated one week of Food Allergy Awareness, but together with FARE and our other partner organizations, we celebrated the entire month of May as Food Allergy Action Month. Join us every year as we raise FPIES awareness across our global communities!

'Be the Voice' for FPIES during Food Allergy Awareness Week 2014!

May is national Asthma and Allergy Awareness month and May 11-17 is dedicated to food allergy awareness. The FPIES Foundation invites you to use this week to help us raise awareness for Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, or FPIES. 'Be the Voice' in your community with our awareness tools and join in our social media campaigns. Our voices together will educate, empower, connect, advocate and call to action -- truly impacting improved standards of care. Help those affected today and tomorrow. It starts with one, it starts with you. 'Be the Voice' to increase FPIES awareness!

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I didn't know what FPIES I know...Awareness is key!

The FPIES Foundation theme for Food Allergy Awareness Week 2013 is "Awareness is Action"! Your actions are "paving the path". Together, with collaboration of families and medical professionals, we will continue to make changes today to building this lasting foundation for tomorrow, providing a network of caring, the support your need to support your child.

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