Kids in Action: Meet Sarah! 

Meet Sarah! Sarah lives with FPIES, but it doesn’t seem to slow her down! She has used her time and talents to create an online support group for kids affected by FPIES, with the help of her mom. Sarah’s FPIES Clubhouse has become a great place for kids to share fun stories and activities, as well as find support when dealing with the ups and downs of life with FPIES.

Sarah would like to other kids to know that there are fun events for the whole family, every child’s food pass is celebrated and you can join the birthday club for FPIES kids, “come meet other kids who know how it is”.

If you would like to check it out, Sarah would like you to visit:

If you are under 18 years old, be sure to have a parent help you to connect.

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About Sarah’s FPIES Clubhouse:

Sarah’s FPIES Clubhouse is inspired by Sarah, FPIES Kids Ambassador living with FPIES, and created and organized by her mother, Jenn Booth, FPIES Advocate and Volunteer Board Member for The FPIES Foundation to provide an avenue of support and community for kids and serve to build awareness for others to understand what living with FPIES means to the kids affected daily by this allergy.

Please note: in efforts from Sarah’s FPIES Clubhouse to provide a safe kid-friendly environment, the community is a private and confidential Facebook group (posts made cannot be seen on your facebook wall).   Please post questions and news in the group where all can benefit. Please keep in mind, facebook is a social media outlet that operates independently from Sarah’s FPIES Clubhouse and The FPIES Foundation; and while all posts are private, they are Facebook property and public record.  

Sarah’s FPIES Clubhouse is the sharing of personal stories of FPIES and the specific accounts, details and perspectives about how FPIES affects children living with FPIES.  Sarah’s FPIES Clubhouse is  a partner organization of The FPIES Foundation, and is supported by The FPIES Foundation Kids In Action program.  Sarah’s FPIES Clubhouse is an independent group and is not directly sponsored by The FPIES Foundation.  

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