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Rare Disease Day 2014

by Meghan Saunders

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Kids in Action!

All over the world, kids of all ages are using their individual voices to spark action, to make changes in their world! There are some kids who live with FPIES and have decided to take action to raise awareness and to help others along the way! You can meet some of these kids below!

Do you know a “kid in action” who is working to help others living with FPIES, helping to spread FPIES awareness, or something similar? Are YOU a kid in action? Write to us and tell us what great work you are doing or encourage another “kid in action” to send us his or her story! Please know that in order to have your story appear on our site, you must send us a signed or emailed statement from one of your parents or guardians giving consent for us to post this information. You can either email us at, with “Kids in Action” in the subject line, or send us the information via postal mail to:

MailUSPS Mail:awesome zoo shot
The FPIES Foundation
c/o Kids in Action!
P.O. Box 304
Stewartville MN 55976

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