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School Support: For Kids

School can be a lot of fun– meeting new friends, learning new things, and more!

Sometimes, FPIES can make school tricky– avoiding trigger foods and staying FPIES-safe while still having fun.

Here, you can find tools and tips to help you:

Meet the School Psychologist! 

68530_665711018043_6050122_n“With my job, I help children in various ways. . . I can help you by educating your friends, teachers, and other administrators at school by telling them about FPIES and the do’s and don’ts!

But in addition, I also talk with students about things that may be bothering them and help some kids see the potential they didn’t think they had. I am all about providing a safe and supportive environment! . . .”

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What’s the Plan?

  • An Allergy Action Plan is a written plan that gives instructions on what to do in case you experience an allergic reaction. It also usually includes a picture of you, basic information about you, a list of your known “triggers” or allergies, and emergency contact information. Typically this is written by your parents and your doctor. More. . . 
  • A Medical Action Plan is a written plan that gives information about a medical condition that may affect your school life. It gives information about symptoms, what to do in case of an emergency and people to call. A Medical Action Plan can be used for children with allergies or other medical conditions. Typically this is written by your parents and your doctor.



FPIES-Specific Resources

lucky clover winnerWhen you go to school, there are some tools that can be helpful to bring with you.

These tools will help you explain to teachers about what FPIES is and how it affects you, as well as ways to keep you safe.

For talking to teachers and school nurses about FPIES

Print these to keep with you (or to keep in your classroom file) in case of a reaction

These can help you to stay safe in case of a reaction and may even help to avoid a reaction!

Other tools you may need are those that can help you to cope with stress and to learn ways to speak up for yourself. This book can help you to put your feelings into words:

For parents, visit the parent resource page here and check out these resources below:

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