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The Medical Nutrition Equity Act is a piece of legislation currently being championed by medical professionals and patient advocacy groups that aims to improve coverage of medical nutrition (such as elemental formula) for individuals affected by a variety of conditions, including FPIES. Learn how you can get involved TODAY!

FPIES and Nutrition

When coping with a diagnosis of FPIES, one of the primary considerations for families is often nutrition. Families may wonder what resources are available to them– either to help them navigate nutrition questions independently or with the help of a medical professional, such as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). We collected a variety of tools and support for navigating these questions that can be found here in the form of parent guides, fact sheets and multimedia online learning resources.

Who Can Help Me Understand the Nutritional Needs of Myself or My Child?

Finding a nutrition professional to help you navigate the nutritional challenges that can occur with an FPIES diagnosis can help to give your family more peace of mind. Learning about the various credentials involved in a nutrition professional’s training is important to help you figure out which professional may be the best fit for your treatment team.

In addition, to learning about the various nutrition professionals that you may be available in your area, you may also be interested in learning about resources and tools for managing FPIES in the kitchen.

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