14962070_xxl Dec. 15, 2015: The FPIES‬ Foundation is proud to announce a research grant for FPIES mom and Professor of Health Science Dr. Jeanelle Boyer. Dr Boyer will research the role microbiomes may play in the gut of an FPIES infant. Read more from Keene State College, “Professor Boyer Wins Grant to Study Food Disorder in Infants”.
12274559_820197571422564_731786488841545683_n  Nov. 20, 2015: FPIES aunt, Amy Walsh, a Consultant for Pink Zebra, is excited to share a new fundraiser to benefit The FPIES Foundation! Pink Zebra offers a unique product line of beautiful fragrances.  Check out the fundraiser event on Facebook, or click over to her consultant page on the Pink Zebra website  to purchase Pink Zebra in time for the holidays for your family and friends today!  Fundraiser runs through Dec.6th, 2015
 10406623_1054149531276178_7929892660921404184_n Nov. 1, 2015: We want to thank everyone who shared their Teal Pumpkin pictures! It was amazing to see your creativity and heartwarming for food allergy families of all kinds. 
 Halloween-for girl Oct.27, 2015: Trick-or-Treat safely with your FPIES‬ Child! An FPIES mom came up with this simple poem. Print it out and pre-deliver it with your child’s safe treat!! Read more in this blog. For additional idea’s, read our blog from 2013 on Allergy Friendly Halloween.
 FPIES Infographic Final  Oct. 26, 2015: Read the newest blog post on FPIES‬ Trends and Insights: Caregiver/Patient Reported Data from the FPIES Global Patient Registry. 
 Call to Action 34797795_xl  Oct.23, 2015: Call to Action! On November 5th, 11am at the State House there will be a hearing a on House Bill #3488. Please support Massachusetts House Bill #3488, providing insurance coverage for elemental formula for those with GI disorders and severe food allergies, such as FPIES. Contact your MA State Legislators and tell them you support the House Bill #3488. To find your legislator go to https://malegislature.gov/People/Search and enter your zip code.   Don’t know what to write? See our sample letter you can e-mail or print out and mail your representative.
 2015-top-rated-awards-badge-embed Oct.20, 2015: We have been honored with one of the first Top-Rated Awards of 2015 from GreatNonprofits! We appreciate all of your reviews!
 Print Oct. 14, 2015: Desiree Walters, mom of a child living with FPIES,  is raising awareness to the Teal Pumpkin Project in Canada, Read more on CHCH news.
 fpies in the kitchen title Oct. 14, 2015: Cooking with Food Allergies! Join Co-Founder and Co-Director of The FPIES Foundation, Amanda LeFew, as she invites you to learn about various aspects of cooking with ‪‎FPIES‬.
 Nourish by Honor for global Oct. 14, 2015: Our ‪‎Global FPIES Day‬ online event continues! Join Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and mom of a child with ‪‎FPIES‬, Honor Genetski, as she explores how FPIES can impact family dynamics, watch and share “Nourish the Whole Child“.
 Slide01 Oct. 14, 2015: Our 2nd video for Global FPIES Day Virtual Online Interactive Community Event, join Dr. Nichole Huff as she explores ways to address special food needs with your child, as it relates to his/her own developmental level in “Redefining Differences: Communicating with your Child about Special Food Needs”.
 Dr Nasir presentation Oct. 14, 2015: Global FPIES Day is here! In our first video release for our Virtual Online Interactive Community Event, Pediatric Gastroenterologist Dr. Amana Nasir gives a great overview of FPIES, perfect for medical professionals, families and caregivers. Step into Dr. Nasir’s office for an Overview of FPIES.
 Full size Global Day profile pic Oct. 14, 2015: These faces are why we do what we do. This powerful photo gallery also includes some of our newest FPIES awareness and education materials. Together we can Be the Voice on Global FPIES Day on Oct 14!
 FPIES Be the Voice Ribbon Oct. 13, 2015: Global FPIES Day is TOMORROW! Learn how you can Be the VOICE for Education of those living with Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome on Global FPIES Day.
 12016719_10156036663220463_2057277425_n Oct. 12, 2015: What is shock? What does dehydration look like? These posters are just a few of the many new resources available for Global ‪‎FPIES Day on Oct 14!
   Oct. 9, 2015: Join us in kicking off our celebration of Global FPIES Day 2015 with a message of hope from Amanda LeFew, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of The FPIES Foundation!!
 FASGMN 2015 Oct.9, 2015: Join us tomorrow, Oct. 10th at the annual Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota Resource Fair in Hopkins, MN from 9am-12pm.
 Global Day Frame upsided  Oct. 8, 2015:Lisburn toddler battles rare food allergy leaving her unable to eat anything.  “Indi Rigby has been diagnosed with an extremely rare condition which doctors hope she will grow out of one day”…Indi’s parents share her story in honor of Global FPIES Day.  Read more of her story on Belfast Live.
 by Nikki Lang Oct. 8, 2015: Kara and her family knows what it means to Be the Voice‬ for FPIES. Their goal in the days leading up to Global FPIES Day on Oct 14th is to raise FPIES awareness. Their little girl is a fighter with multiple rare diagnoses. Learn more about Kara here.
 countdown thumbnail  Oct. 7, 2015: We are a week away to Oct 14th and so excited to announce our ‘V.O.I.C.E.’ initiative. It’s a Virtual Online Interactive Community Event. Think of it as a worldwide FPIES conference that we bring to you in the comfort of your home! Webinars, videos and resources to address all aspects of FPIES. Bookmark our Global FPIES Day page!
 logo Oct. 6, 2015: TV News segment with FPIES‬ Foundation Co-Director Joy Meyer to raise awareness for the Teal Pumpkin project!
 12122937_10153605754571287_3598818371133723439_n  Oct. 4, 2015: Congratulations to Team Fighting ‪‎FPIES – a top fundraising team at this year’s FARE Walk in Boston.
 12105888_10153605755781287_7282256130122791391_n  Oct. 2, 2015: FPIES‬ families proving once again you are the voice! Thank you for appealing to FARE and raising your concerns about their recent blog post on FPIES. And a big thank you to FARE for listening and revising the post to include an FPIES action plan and better reflect the research showing FPIES reactions through breast milk. Recognizing FPIES in the big picture of Food Allergies is a big step towards sparking research. We look forward to continued work with FARE, including at this weekend’s walk in Boston where an FPIES mom has the honor of emceeing the event.
 ICD 10 blog post image Oct. 1, 2015: Exciting FPIES‬ news! As of today FPIES has an official diagnostic code! Teamwork brought about this historic step, but what now? This blog details what an ICD-10 code is and what this means for your FPIES child.
 Birthday cards for Seth Sept.30, 2015: Birthday Cards for Seth! Seth has FPIES, along with several other diagnoses. He is currently in the hospital where he will be spending his 3rd birthday. His family has shown incredible support for everyone in the FPIES community and we want to give back to them. We encourage FPIES families to show their support by sending Seth cards. Learn more about Seth here.
 12019800_1038135092877622_5543691976086723737_n  Sept. 25, 2015:  Cafe Press Global FPIES Day T-shirts available now! Brand new shirts and gifts to help you celebrate Global‪ ‎FPIES‬ Day on Oct 14th. Together we can BetheVoice‬ of FPIES education.
 Print  Sept. 24, 2015: The ‪‎FPIES‬ Foundation is proud to support the Teal Pumpkin Project. Our friends at FARE have everything you need to pledge and participate in this project!
 12049458_10153668008756079_2879959016211754643_n Sept. 23, 2015: Building FPIES‬ Awareness through Fundraising and Events — what you can do and how you can help! 
 11225393_1035594193131712_7740854224993213441_n  Sept. 19, 2015: Thank you Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo for hosting an awesome Zoo Day for food allergy families!!
 Global Day Frame upsided Sept. 17, 2015: We’re gearing up for ‪‎Global FPIES Day‬ here at the Foundation. You can too, save this frame or make one with your own picture in www.canva.com
 Stable Table Family  Sept. 12, 2015: KATU. com publishes story on FPIES, “Rate of Food Allergies Skyrocketing Since Late 90’s”. 
Fighting FPIES Personal Image Sept. 10, 2015: Check out “Fighting FPIES” team page for the upcoming Boston FARE walk (October 4th)! Every year, The FPIES Foundation looks forward to supporting our friends at FARE! Register to join the team or show your support with a donation today!
 Final front Sept.2, 2015: They are ready! Our newest t-shirt design! Be ready for Global FPIES Day on Oct. 14, 2015 with these t-shirts! Limited sales, order yours today!
 a mission of advocacy Aug. 31, 2015: Happy Anniversary to US! It was 4 years ago, this week, that the FPIES Foundation began! Read more: Our Fourth Year in Review!
 SbaETkZpnWIaRDo-800x450-noPad Aug. 22, 2015:  Please read, sign and share this petition to support  a fellow FPIES‬ mom in Florida who is asking the Senate to mandate coverage on elemental formula for children who are medically dependent on it.
 logo Aug.20, 2015: Help Savanna Smile.  A fundraising event for the Campbell family is being held Aug. 23, 2015 at Parallel Wine Bistro in Broadlands Plaza in Ashburn, VA from 3-7 p.m. For more information about the event and how to help, please visit the Facebook page set up by Children’s Medical Nutrition Alliance.
Aug. 4, 2015: FREE for FPIES and Food Allergy Families! We are proud to partner with Boston Children’s Hospital for the 3rd year in a row for their Food Allergy Awareness Day at Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo on Saturday, September 19th. Come meet us, and other FPIES families. The event is free, but registration is required, register here: https://bch.webconnex.com/zooday
 11235055_10153567586466079_7503993146370002787_n August 3, 2015: Independent Jamberry Nail Wrap Consultant and Foundation Volunteer Kate Hutchens has created nail wraps for Global FPIES Day on Oct.14th!  To learn more visit her page. Hurry, this sale closes Sept.1st!
 what is aaaai June 17, 2015: Spotlight on FPIES‬! Dr. J. Andrew Bird, of our Medical Advisory Board, details the newly released FPIES survey discussed at the recent AAAAI meeting. The discussion focuses on gaps in the diagnosis and management of FPIES. Read more from Dr. Bird on our blog.
 Food Chart June 10, 2015: Find a Food Journal as unique as your child. We know well that one size fits all does not apply to FPIES. A mom shares one approach in this blog that caught the attention of her doctors.
 Mangos for Max May 29, 2015: Go bananas for ‘Mangos For Max’ – a book specially designed to help your preschooler understand food allergies.
 seeking favorite recipes May 28, 2015: Share your family favorites! We know how hard it can be to find allergen friendly products for your family. That’s why we’re asking YOU to help other families and share what products you use regularly or have discovered! Please message us some of your favorite finds. When possible please include a picture of ingredient list and where product can be purchased.
 Baby Shopper May 27, 2015: A *must share* with your medical team, especially your nutritionist! This Nutrition page compliments our new family nutrition page but is designed specifically for the medical professional dealing with ‪‎FPIES‬.
 Food plate icon orange glossy round button May 26, 2015: New tool for FPIES‬ families! We are so proud to launch our nutrition resources page. Questions about growth charts, formula, breastfeeding, food journals and balanced diets? We’ve got answers to these and so much more.
Year of the Advocate Annual Report 2014 cover page May 18, 2015: Our 2014 Annual Report is published! Download and read your copy today! Year of the Advocate 2015
 Final jpeg from pdf shock poster May 15, 2015: Do you know how to recognize shock? Our ‪‎FPIES‬ Medical experts break down the critical symptoms you need to look for. Download this file and share it with everyone who cares for your child. 
7776683_G  May 14, 2015: FPIES in the news!! Foundation Co-Director’s son shares his story to spread awareness during Food Allergy Awareness Week!
 have you heard card in spanish two sides  May 14, 2015: FPIES– SEIPA Información en español! A global need for FPIES awareness is clear. These community awareness cards, translated into Spanish, expand the reach of FPIES education. Download in English and en Español from our awareness flyer bulletin board!
 fpies management plan 5.13.15  May 13, 2015: New FPIES resource! Red, Yellow, Green – our easy to follow action plan keeps things simple for anyone coming in contact with your child.
Download, print, and connect with your child’s doctor today to work out the details. http://fpiesfoundation.org/2015faaw/
For more information on advocacy tools: http://fpiesfoundation.org/advocacy/
FAAW poster jpeg  May 12, 2015: FPIES: Simple Words, Complex Diagnosis. Share our newest poster in social media or download FAAW Flyer, print and share in your community to raise awareness to Living with FPIES
30 for 30 youtube May 11, 2015: We honor Food Allergy Awareness Week with this newly released video: FPIES in a Word. 
Wordle for FAAW video May 10, 2015: All your needs for Food Allergy Awareness Week 2015. This webpage is specially designed to be your one stop shop for awareness ideas!
Hands Holding Paper Message Strength

 May 8, 2015: FPIES makes the news in North Carolina.  ABC 11 News reporter Heather Waliga shares the story “RARE FOOD ALLERGY AFFECTS BABIES, TODDLERS“.

 7655935_G May 4, 2015: FPIES in the News in Massachusetts! “May is Allergy Awareness Month” by WDH 7 NBC News. 
 askmeaboutfpies  May 3, 2015: US ‪‎FPIES Day is May 4th. We are encouraging all our families to raise awareness and get the conversation started! Use your social media accounts and the hashtag ‪#‎AskMeAboutFPIES Those closest to us have questions. Let’s let them into our lives and provide answers! Helpful Tools to start the conversation
11180061_10153378639031349_1938059945_n May 1, 2015: Food Allergy Awareness Week is May 10-16th. To help you be prepared with a few quick and simple ways to share your awareness, we introduce “31 ways in 31 days”. 
 Bofferding family  Spring 2015: FPIES, Not Your Typical Food Allergy by Gary Fitzgerald.  Big thanks to the Bofferding family for their interview in Allergy & Asthma Today, a quarterly publication of the Allergy & Asthma Network.
 11180061_10153378639031349_1938059945_n April 30, 2015: We are preparing for Food Allergy Awareness Week 2015! FPIES in a word: Simple words, complex diagnosis. Follow us online for events during Food Allergy ACTION month! 
 Wordle for FAAW video April 27, 2015: Your child could be the ‘Face of ‪‎FPIES Awareness!’ We are looking for photo submissions for our Food Allergy Awareness video. First, find a word below that describes your FPIES journey. Then, find a photo that shows it! Email your submission to us at contact@thefpiesfoundation.org 
10590575_10204192854395998_3269863988898168428_n  April 20-26th, 2015: Celebrate Allergy Awareness Week in the UK by viewing and sharing their latest beautiful and poignant “FPIES Uk Awareness Video“. 
 33266208_s April 2o, 2015: New blog post! An interview with an FPIES researcher! “A conversation with Prof. Stefano Miceli Sopo on the importance of a Global FPIES Patient Registry” 
 wristband-giveaway-image April 15, 2015: We have teamed up with WristbandBros.com to give one lucky family living with FPIES a chance to win 200 free wristbands and a free design consultation! Simply follow this link for all the details from Sean Mulligan of Wristband Bros.: 200 Free Custom Wristband Contest! 

 April 2, 2015: Just in time for Mother’s Day! Flower Power fundraiser running from now until May 1st— lots of beautiful flowers, 50% of all sales will be donated to The FPIES Foundation!  To get started, go to our fundraiser page.

 18306706_s   March 27, 2015: Two Days JUST for FPIES! Two days to build awareness and education to this rare type of Food Allergy! A day during Health Education Week, celebrating Global FPIES Day on October 14th, established in 2014.  And, just announced, a U.S National Day on May 4th during Allergy Awareness month!
Chase's FPIES Challenge 5 March 19, 2015: New blog post! ‪“A Rare Disease Day Challenge for FPIES”, FPIES‬ mom creates FPIES Challenge to help raise awareness. 
 Nutrition month FPIES March 2015: March is National Nutrition Month! We asked Bailey Koch, RD, CSP, LD of our Medical Advisory Board to come up with some essential nutrition tips and recommendations geared towards FPIES families. 
 SM_sense-ational-mealtimes-book_Cover March 9, 2015: Tricky mealtimes? Problem solved! Make‪ FPIES meal time less stressful with these great and practical tips in our new blog post: Our Sensory Preferences and Mealtimes. 
 WRDD template10 no photo blue 2014 March 9, 2015: Our ‘We are ‪#‎FPIES. We are the ‪#‎1in10‘ photo campaign made the Rare Disease Day recap from our friends at Global Genes. A big thank you to all our families who made sure FPIES had a strong voice on this international day of awareness! 
 Badge  March 4, 2015: Be part of #FPIES research. We are excited to announce the latest survey up on the only Global FPIES Patient Registry. We worked hand in hand with our Medical Advisory Board to compile this survey that takes an in-depth look at the gastrointestinal toll of FPIES. Join the registry today and instantly see global results.
 WRDD template 7 version 5 2014 February 26, 2015: We are proud one of our parent volunteers Victoria Warren represented FPIES and the Foundation at an event in Boston this week. She shares this with us: “It was an amazing event and so powerful to hear from other families dealing with a different rare disease but having similar fears, struggles and frustrations. It was awesome meeting Peter Saltonstall, the president of NORD. It was also empowering meeting with my state lawmakers and having them genuinely listen to what living with FPIES is like and how changes to formula insurance laws and deductible caps could really help.” 
 WRDD template 7 version 5 2014  February 25, 2015: We are not alone. FPIES is a rare disease, but 1 in 10 people worldwide suffer from some type of Rare Disease. There are 7000 rare diseases identified, including FPIES. In the U-S, a rare disease is defined as one that affects fewer than 200,000 people. There is power in numbers. This year for Rare Diseases Day on February 28th, we put a face on the 1 in 10.
 Share rare


 February 24, 2015: FPIES Foundation joining forces with Rare Diseases Community and Global Genes. We are proud to partner with Global Genes. They have amazing resources to help FPIES families for Rare Disease Day and every day!


 RDD 2015 Chase February 20, 2015: We are #FPIES. We are the #1in10. We are not alone. FPIES is a rare disease, but 1 in 10 people worldwide suffer from from some type of Rare Disease. There is power in numbers. This year for Rare Diseases Day on February 28th, let’s put a face on the 1 in 10. Send us your picture on Facebook and we will add the 1 in 10 hashtag and then publish your photo in our social media pages. 
 5518068_orig February 8 – February 14, 2015:  This week is Feeding Tube Awareness Week from Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation. Follow Tube Feeding Awareness this week for daily updates on the awareness of those who need a feeding tube to receive their nutrition. Awareness is key
 quotfpies_rare_but_realquot_square_car_magnet February 3, 2015:  Rare Diseases Day 2015 is coming up and just in time we have new gear that is fabulous! Check out our Cafe Press store. Let’s raise FPIES Awareness together!!  
 8773210_xxl  February 2, 2015: The Western Society for Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Conference featured a discussion on FPIES, led by Dr. Glenn Furuta of our Medical Advisory Board, looking at the goal of the gastroenterologist in FPIES care. 
 10685457_910519905639142_6959104496785723833_n January 22, 2015:Save 15% with promo code “FPIES”. Brandi, an FPIES mom and owner and operator of Glam Tots, is offering a discount and fundraiser for the month of February. Use the code and save!  Read more…  
 back-big January 2015: Got Food Allergies? FPIES Rare.But Real.

Booster T-shirts are back! On sale now!! Wear your FPIES Awareness gear! Designed by FPIES mom, Crystal Lentz, with booster sale donations contributed to The FPIES Foundation.  Click here and order yours today!! Booster sales end Jan.22, 2015.  

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