Individualized nutritional management is at the heart of every treatment plan for children diagnosed with FPIES. Just as any food allergy limits the affected child’s diet, an FPIES diagnosis can dramatically impact his/her ability to take in appropriate nutrients due to food restrictions.

Did you miss the live Nutrition webinar in October? You can still watch the recording and download the slides and worksheets! Nutrition professionals can view this free webinar, “Nutrition Care for FPIES,” and until October 2017, earn a free CEU upon completion of the webinar’s survey. Download your worksheets FPIES Introduction for Nutrition Professionals & FPIES Nutrition Guidelines and Care Plans and expand your knowledge of FPIES today!

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As Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, children diagnosed with FPIES may be referred to you. You may see infants and their mothers for help with nutrition related to breast feeding, with or without elimination diets.Families may turn to you for help planning foods trials, or for help in learning new ways how to use the same tired, safe-ingredient lists.

Baby ShopperYou may also be called on to educate families and professionals about label reading, balancing limited diets, and many other ways to best manage nutrition in order to help little ones thrive.

These resources have been selected to help fill your professional FPIES toolbox. If there are additional resources you would like to share with us, please connect with us today! If you are in need of additional resources or support, please reach out to us– we would love to help.



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Looking for information to offer your patients’ families? Be sure to check out our Nutrition Resources for Families!

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