The programs of The FPIES Foundation are centered on the child living with Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome. Our programs and initiatives are maintained on a lean budget, minimizing spending while maximizing returns for families. We operate with generous donations of time and talents, all staff- volunteers, advisors and executive are unpaid volunteers.   We are a non-profit, an organization in the business of spreading FPIES awareness, education, and support to families and the medical community alike.

We would like to take a moment to recognize some of the monetary donations and fundraisers we have received this year:

  • A donation received from a family, in lieu of presents for their son’s birthday, in honor of their son Shawn, who is living with FPIES.
  • A Custom Ink Booster sales t-shirt fundraiser organized by a mom of a child with FPIES, Crystal Lentz with her design: “FPIES, Rare but Real”.  The t-shirt was an inspired idea for a FARE walk, to raise awareness to FPIES.   Crystal organized two successful sales of these bright and quality t-shirts (watch for round 3 in the New Year!).
  • A Norwex Fundraiser, with the profits from Erica Allen’s commission donated to The FPIES Foundation.  Erica raised funds while spreading awareness in her community and online, of what FPIES looks like and how it affects families today.
  • “Chase-ing FPIES” Fundraiser, hosted by Victoria Warren with a percentage of the sales of Ava Anderson products donated to The FPIES Foundation.
  • Bon-Ton booklets sold by Amanda LeFew and Jenn Booth in their communities to raise funds for The FPIES Foundation while helping others save money at Bon-Ton Retailers (watch for this again this spring!).
  • Thank you to our anonymous donors who have graciously gifted The Foundation.
  • Fundraiser through Cafe Press of FPIES Wordle T-shirts, with designs from FPIES mom Vicki Garding.  Contributions from sales continue to provide donations in this ongoing fundraiser.
  • And, of course, all of you who contribute by taking part in our other ongoing Foundation fundraisers on Café Press, iGive, Flower Power,  GoodSearch,  Label Your Stuff, Planet Green, Text To Donate and various other online fundraisers you have helped by sharing your participation, we thank you!

The FPIES Foundation is an incorporated, 501(c)3 non-profit foundation dedicated to overcoming the challenges of FPIES by offering tools for education, support, and advocacy to empower families and the medical community.   To learn more about our donations, please visit our Donate page.  In addition, be sure to stay posted for bi-annual updates regarding The FPIES Foundation’s spending trends and how your support is directly impacting the face of FPIES awareness, education and research.

This post was written by the Executive Board of The FPIES Foundation