At The FPIES Foundation, we believe that forming strong bonds with our local and global communities means greater strength for supporting our children and families. We believe that it is only by partnering with our community that we can effect change. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of FPIES children and their families.

But how can you make a difference? How can you help us to build this foundation of resources and support? The FPIES Foundation recognizes donations of time and talents! The talents of one mother whose daughter has FPIES enabled us to release a video on YouTube for Food Allergy Awareness week 2012– thank you, KatieLou Photography!  Beautiful photographs designed specifically for our new website by Photography by Sarah M, capturing the essence of the lives of those living with FPIES, were also contributed by a mother whose daughter has FPIES.

The FPIES Foundation blog and website aim to continue to put a voice to this rare allergy. By writing and sharing your story for the Inspiring Family Stories page on the website, you can help contribute to that voice. Putting a story behind your experiences helps others to not feel so alone and can inspire others to reach out as well!

If you are a crafter, our Hugs for Heroes program continues to accept donations of your talents. Your creations can give comfort to a child with FPIES!

Let’s continue to build this foundation of caring together! The FPIES Foundation is an entirely volunteer-based organization and does not keep any paid employees– all manpower is unpaid. Any efforts to support the activities of The FPIES Foundation are enormously appreciated, as we strongly value anyone reaching out to FPIES families.

The journey with this diagnosis can be daunting but the connection to one another can certainly help the load that we all carry to feel a bit lighter. When you are ready and able to reach out, we have opportunities available to suit various interests and availability. Contact us at for more information– we can’t wait to hear from you!

This post was written by the Executive Board of The FPIES Foundation