A diagnosis of FPIES can be life-altering.  So, when The Mighty asked our community for some of the things parents of children living with FPIES are doing, because of the diagnosis, that other people may not realize, the response was incredible.

With over 150 million readers and thousands of contributors, The Mighty has been building a community of online rare disease support.  They “publish real stories by real people facing real challenges”.   They have created a safe platform for rare disease community members and organizations to connect with others, share their stories while raising awareness and support for rare diseases as a whole.  Together we are strong.

The Mighty has given us the opportunity to share your experiences in stories such as:

33 Things Parents Do When They Have a Child With FPIES

19 Secrets Families With FPIES Wish Others Knew 

We are proud to be among the over 200 rare disease non-profit organizations that support and partner with The Mighty. We will continue to bring additional awareness stories in the future.

If you would like to contribute a story, please visit https://themighty.com/submit-a-story/