Our children are the cornerstone of The Foundation. We strive everyday to educate, advocate and empower the families and medical professionals who support them

The FPIES Foundation is excited to have recently launched the ‘Kids Spot.’  The ‘Kids Spot’ is designed with young children and their siblings in mind.  It’s a place where FPIES is explained in simple terms and offers young children a way to understand this rare allergy and help a loved one suffering from it.  It’s also a place where kids can just be kids, a fun interactive way to see that they are not alone.

“FPIES is a diagnosis that affects the whole family,” says Foundation Co-Director Amanda LeFew.  “Meal time can be turned upside down, new snack and eating restrictions may be placed on older children, and social engagements where food is present could be limited. In some cases FPIES symptoms continue beyond the toddler years and we feel it’s important for these children to know there are others out there like them. The ‘Kids Spot’ is designed to be a safe haven for these families looking for ways to teach young children about FPIES.”

FPIES is a rare and often difficult diagnosis. It is a delayed food allergy affecting the gastrointestinal tract, typically diagnosed in infants and young children. Classic symptoms of FPIES include profound vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. These symptoms can cause severe lethargy, change in body temperature and blood pressure, and often lead to hospitalization. Unlike typical food allergies, symptoms may not be immediate and do not show up on standard allergy tests.

Visiting the ‘Kids Place’ you will find:

  • What is FPIES to me? A glossary of FPIES terms with easy ways to explain what is going on to a young child
  • Resources for school age students– including vital information for putting a Section 504 plan in place to keep your child safe at school
  • Supportive Siblings– an area designed with brothers and sisters in mind.  An FPIES diagnosis can leave these children wishing they could help and understand more about what is going on
  • Interactive support just for kids– Your child can fill out and share our “FPIES is Rough, but I am Strong” mini-book to chart their FPIES journey.  FPIES children and their siblings are also encouraged to share art work on our Brag Board.  Food Allergies can’t curb these budding talents!

Even young children can help spread FPIES awareness and help others see that FPIES is only a diagnosis, not a definition.

This post was written by the Executive Board of The FPIES Foundation