Food Allergy Awareness Week (May 10-16th) has recently been expanded to include FoodAllergy ACTION month.  Plus, this year a National FPIES day on May 4th has been included to honor the month of Allergy Awareness. National FPIES Day is in addition to Global FPIES Day, on Oct.14th, established by The Foundation in 2014.  Two days to build further awareness to those living with FPIES!

We know that raising awareness happens every day for a family living with FPIES.  During these days of Food Allergy Action Month, we want to help you be prepared with a few quick and simple ways to share your awareness.

We introduce “31 ways in 31 days” :

  1. Awareness IS Action! Start a Conversation today.
  2. Download and distribute “About FPIES” in your community – online and in person!   
  3. Share our “Have You Heard postcard
  4.  Visit our FPIES Awareness page to print community awareness cards, rack cards, flyers and more to distribute to teachers, doctors, schools, and providers.
  5. Organize an FPIES Recipe Challenge 
  6. Change your social media banner or profile picture to “FPIES in a Word” and invite your family and friends to learn what it is like living with FPIES, #AskMeAboutFPIES
  7. Share our YouTube videos
  8. Receive a packet of preprinted awareness materials to distribute in your community. Write to: 
  9. Share your favorite recipes that you use to cook for your child with FPIES on the Foundation forum. 
  10. Color an “FPIES is Rough, But I am Strong” mini book with your child 
  11. Have a packet of awareness and educational materials sent to a provider or hospital, simply send us the name/address of where you would like it sent- we’ll do the rest!
  12. Add the Foundation Support button to your blog or profile pictures.
  13. Submit YOUR inspiring story to us at:
  14. Share the FPIES Q&A page in your online social networks 
  15. Learn new ways of becoming an advocate 
  16. Contact the local news media and share your story 
  17. Share our Label Reading tutorial with new parents in your support groups 
  18. Learn and share new cooking tips in our Cooking and Nutrition pages
  19. Link to a new resource 
  20. Read and share “How to Help an Family Today” 
  21. Listen to the Recording: “Advocating for your Child in the Healthcare System” A joint webinar from ThriveRx and The FPIESFoundation 
  22. Print and share the “FPIES-at-a-glance Awareness rack card
  23. Wear your favorite FPIES awareness gear to spread awareness FPIES. 
  24. Design an FPIES awareness poster with your kids to share with their pediatrician’s office, take  picture, and share it with us! Kids in Action
  25. Talk to a parents’ group about your family’s experience with FPIES.       
  26.  Coordinate an Awareness Event!
  27. Host a Fundraiser Event!
  28. Connect to research on the Global FPIES Patient Registry 
  29. Learn updates to the research through Medical Journal Articles 
  30. Support our mission of providing education, support and advocacy to families and medical providers and donate today. 
  31. Follow our Website, Facebook, Blog, and Twitter for ongoing updates throughout the month!

This post was written by the Executive Board of The FPIES Foundation.