Learning Library Awareness

Growing FPIES Awareness Join Heather Martin as she explores 5 of the common myths related to Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES). Heather is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian, mother of a child living with FPIES and volunteer for The FPIES Foundation. Video by Jackie Morrow, media specialist at Nordstrom […]

Learning Library Support

Tools for Self-Care and Support Join co-director Amanda LeFew (MT-BC) as we explore various types and purposes of support groups, as well as tips and techniques for creating and maintaining your own FPIES support group. For more information, visit our comprehensive tutorial . FPIES as a diagnosis can bring about […]


Learn the Basics About FPIES About Adult FPIES (PDF) Have you, or has someone you love, been diagnosed with FPIES? Maybe you have heard this myth: “But wait! FPIES is a condition that only affects infants and children!” In fact, FPIES CAN present in adults, of any age, though the […]

More Allies for FPIES

Meet our “Allies For FPIES,” our partners for Global FPIES Day, 2020. They can be found here and on this page. This year, we honor all of those who stand with our community to raise awareness, build community support, expand research,  and improve quality of care for all those affected […]