Over the last year we have been inspired by the impact of your unique talents and hard work as you continue building awareness to FPIES.   As we approach our 2nd annual Global Day, we wish to share some of these events with everyone, in hopes to inspire you, that you too can make a difference.  “Our shoes may be small but our steps will be BIG!”

FPIES families have always been creative, including in how they raise awareness and fund-raise! We have had several moms using  Jamberry fundraisers, and even a couple of these moms designed the nail wraps themselves to feature FPIES awareness art. Awareness from fingers to toes! Other moms have designed T-shirts and other awareness gear to raise funds to further FPIES education and awareness. Their creativity has helped fund programs to educate medical professionals about FPIES. We want to give special shout-outs to Jessie Ipson Richens, Kate Hutchens, Crystal Lentz, Brandi of Glam Tots, Rosie’s Creations, and Half Pint Threads!

Restaurants have joined in the cause, sponsoring family nights and awareness days where they donate a certain percentage of sales to The FPIES Foundation. We were touched to see photos from Jersey Mike’s Subs– a visual reminder of how communities are really joining in the cause and reaching out to support  FPIES awareness. The families initiating these fundraisers and the restaurants partnering in the cause have helped to fund programs providing resources and support to families worldwide. Special recognition for Luca’s family for all of their support!

In every fundraiser and in every awareness event, families put their own unique stamp on the day.  Just as each child is unique, each family-organized event has its own special style. The Fangman Family, for instance, raises awareness at Drag Races and Mud Runs!  Samantha Fangman shares, “Our daughter, Josie, has FPIES. My husband had decals made for his race-car with the FPIES logo. We have brochures printed that we hand out at all our races. We were amazed how many people came up and asked us what FPIES and The FPIES Foundation was at our first race. We’ve handed out many more brochures than we anticipated and are thrilled about it!!! We are doing what we can to get the word out!!“

If you are thinking about starting your own awareness event or fundraiser for the FPIES Foundation, we hope that you have found inspiration in the stories of the families highlighted above— we certainly are inspired by all of them, and all of you, everyday as we continue working to fulfill the FPIES Foundation’s mission of education, support and advocacy for all those affected by FPIES, worldwide.

This post was written by the Executive Board of The FPIES Foundation.