Someone’s In the Kitchen with FPIES

I have always loved being in the kitchen and even though my eldest daughter’s FPIES diagnosis threw me for a loop, it didn’t change that love. Creating new recipes for her and her little sister, also diagnosed with FPIES, has become a way of coping with the ups and downs of this complex diagnosis.

That said, there have definitely been some frustrations along the way. Dealing with leftovers has been one of them! When each member of the family has a separate, distinctly different meal and when the kids are picky, leftovers are a big reality. Over the years, I have learned ways to not only use leftovers creatively, but also to use them to boost the nutrition content of the girls’ baked goods.

Our Favorites– Loving Those Winter Veggies!

My youngest daughter, C , is able to eat all forms of winter squash. When I roast a squash for her, I use what she does not eat to make baked goods and “Squasher Tots,” one of her favorite finger foods. One amazing mom I met on BabyCenter back when B was a baby, talked about using squash as an egg substitute. Now I know why– it gives a wonderful texture to muffins and biscuits but it also helps them to be less crumbly! I have also used the squash to make homemade soup and a type of sauce for her pasta. Even the seeds can be saved– toss them with a little oil and salt and roast them for a snack, make a seed butter, or even make a seed milk (I use this for baking). C would like to share her “Squasher Tot” recipe in the FPIES Recipe Box with you today!

My oldest daughter, B, loves beets– her favorites are the “stripey ones” (Chioggia). Not only are beets a nutrition powerhouse, they have a lot of uses in the kitchen. Just a touch of the puree mixed into a frosting recipe can make a beautiful red or yellow-orange color (depending on the beet variety you use!). The greens can be cooked or eaten raw as a salad. Our favorite uses for leftover beets include pureeing cooked beets to use: as an egg substitute in chocolate cakes, to change the color of biscuits or tortillas by adding beet puree to the dough, and in a new recipe, baked glazed beets. B would like to share the last recipe in the FPIES Recipe Box with you today!

Join Us in the Kitchen!

There are a lot of amazing parents out there, cooking up some amazing creations in the kitchen for their little ones affected by FPIES! Are you one of them? We would love to feature you in our monthly segment, “Someone’s in the Kitchen with FPIES!” Write an article, about 500 words or less, featuring a special tip, an allergy-friendly cookbook review, and/or anoriginal recipe and submit it to us Upon approval, recipes will be published on our website recipe section and your article will be featured here on The FPIES Foundation’s blog. For more information and submission guidelines, today!

This post was written by Amanda LeFew of the Executive Board of The FPIES Foundation.