We love and appreciate the allergy friendly companies that provide foods to help expand our children’s diet.  Today we would like to share a little about one of those companies, Amanda’s Own Confections.  As always, be sure to contact the manufacturer to best determine whether or not the product may be safe for your family.

Tell us a little about your company (background, founding story) and your aim to provide allergy friendly products.

I started Amanda’s Own Confections in 2005 due to my daughter Amanda’s life threatening food allergies to dairy and eggs.  I started making chocolate for her and other friends who had children with food allergies and it was a HUGE hit-and the company was born!  I wanted to be sure that other children with food allergies have safe treats at the holidays just like their non-allergic siblings/friends.

What products do you offer? Can you tell us a little about them?

We offer a variety of chocolate shapes for all holidays and occasions, marshmallow clusters, peppermint bark, crispy bark, chocolate raisin clusters, sunflower cups, jelly beans and cookie dough.  All of our products are free from the top 14 food allergens and are produced in our dedicated facility so there’s NO chance for cross contamination.

Can you describe your company’s allergy friendly manufacturing practices?

We follow good manufacturing practices and do in-house testing.  We are beginning to send samples out to an independent lab to verify the safety of our products as well.

What is your motivation to be so allergy friendly?

I’m a Mom of a child with food allergies so I understand the struggle and fear when it comes to food. I know how important it is to make sure my child is included at holidays and celebrations, no child should be left out because of food.  My other daughter has developed food allergies as an adult so I know that there’s a need for adults as well.

Does your company raise awareness to food allergies?

Yes, we are partnered with Red Sneakers for Oakley and the Allison Rose Foundation-we have products for each of these organizations with all the net profits donated back to them.  We also work with the national food allergy organizations- FAACT and FARE during the holidays to provide donations to their events and products with proceeds to be donated back to them as well.  We also reach out to other food allergy related organizations to donate our products, do giveaways and raise awareness.

Where/how can your products be purchased?

People can find our products on our website www.amandasown.com and at several stores around the US.

This post written by The FPIES Foundation Board of Directors as an interview with Amanda’s Own.