With the help of this caring community of families living with Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, we have developed a set of new awareness cards for families living with FPIES, inspired by families.

The business card-sized awareness cards are great for providing simple explanations of FPIES for friends, family, babysitters and so forth. Keep them in your wallet, car, or taped to the fridge to promote awareness and understanding where needed!

This postcard-size FPIES awareness card is great for keeping in the diaper bag or a purse. It not only provides information in plain language about FPIES and how to identify a reaction, but also gives tips on ways others can help to keep children affected by FPIES safe. This is great to share at playgroups, with family or with caregivers!

Along with these newly developed cards, we continue to have the FPIES Awareness rack card, a great at-a-glance explanation about FPIES.   These and more printer-friendly awareness materials are available for downloading and printing (or save the photo and share it in your social media- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more!) from our Raise Awareness page of the website.

We welcome requests or materials via e-mail or postal mail.  Simply contact us at: contact@thefpiesfoundation.org and we will be happy to send you an awareness packet!

This post was written by the Executive Board of The FPIES Foundation.