The FPIES Foundation is excited to celebrate its third anniversary of empowering, educating and helping families around the world to navigate life with Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES).

This past year was packed with numerous accomplishments, big and small. The FPIES Foundation achieved its goal of launching a first-of-its-kind FPIES Global Patient Registry. The registry is a ground-breaking opportunity to directly bring families affected by FPIES together with doctors and researchers interested in learning more about this rare allergy.

We are also excited to announce that The FPIES Foundation has established October 14th as Global FPIES Day. Global FPIES Day honors families by giving the opportunity to bring specific awareness to what FPIES is to the general public.

“There are days to recognize other food allergies and rare diseases, but FPIES is unique and the children are extraordinary. They deserve this day just for them,” says Joy Meyer, Executive Director of the FPIES Foundation. Meyer says, “October 14th was chosen specifically because the first research paper to mention the features of FPIES was published in October.”

In addition to establishing the FPIES Global Patient Registry and Global FPIES Day, achievements by the Foundation that were accomplished this year include:

The work does not stop here. The FPIES Foundation is excited for the year ahead and plans additional announcements in the coming weeks about our latest efforts in raising FPIES Awareness.

This post was written by the Executive Board of The FPIES Foundation.